10 beautiful pictures of living rooms from Indian homes

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In modern architecture, living rooms are designed to be the front room of the house, near the main entrance of the house. It’s the room where we socialize and it is meant for relaxation and to mingle with family and friends. A usual living room has furniture and furnishings like sofa, coffee table, lamps, television, television stand, rugs, curtains… But the amazing thing is that even the living rooms which are designed to look same in the same apartment looks completely different from each other. Each family has different personality and home including the living room is an extension of their personality and personal taste. Today we have compiled 10 beautiful living room designs for your home. Take some inspiration, add something of your own and make it yours. 

Have a look!

1. Elegant and classy

It’s a beautiful room with a touch of elegance provided by the striking contrast brought by the wine colour chairs in the room predominated by neutral shade. A simple coffee table, the peacock painting on the wall, a comfortable recliner and an oversized lamp in the corner; it’s chic and elegant.

2. A little bit of drama

A simple living room is made special by little drama in the form of the wall unit designed as a television unit and to hold the books. Two circular tables of different heights, an easy chair, a simple sofa, a narrow diwan near the window, a wooden cabinet and an antique lamp completes the living room to make the family comfortable.

​3. In harmony with the environment

Cream walls and the same colour on the furniture and on the contemporary painting hanging on the wall are in harmony. The rug on the floor matches with the floor colour. Different colours are thrown in cushion, painted on the lips and hair of the painting, added in the blinds of the windows and blossoms in the flowers on the vase. There is simplicity in minimalist and believe us it looks elegant!

​4. The wooden craft

Indians have a definite fetish for wood. Why not take that love a notch above and show creativity with wood? Craft the furniture to make it an art piece to decorate the living room with it. Orange hue of the room is adding warmth to this simple living room and is Vastu compliant too. But the major attraction here is the elegant sofa, flooring tiles, beautiful painting on the wall and the innovatively designed modern coffee table.

​5. Playing with colours

The complementing colours on the walls are giving the depth to this long living room. Yellow lights from the hanging lamps has lighten up the room that has been brighten up by yellow, orange and green in walls and furnishing. The simple wooden television stand is the only wall decoration on the wall apart from the colours. It is delightfully colourful!

6. Sparkling shine

The glass wall defines this living room and is giving it a different character and uniqueness. The wall opposite the glass wall is covered with black and white pictures of the family to keep the memories alive in a stylish and elegant way. The portrait cushions maintain the exclusiveness of this incredible living room.

7. Elegance in simplicity

There is nothing fussy here in this living room. Comfortable sofa, a few modern paintings decorating the wall, lamps on the side tables, a bar on one side and calm colours all over. What make this different are the transparent glass wall separating the living and the dining room and a beautiful chandelier spreading its charm for the both rooms.

​8. The retro touch

The shiny room in monochrome has been given a retro touch with the cushions, a sofa chair adorning the corner, the spot lights and the hanging lamps focused to make it shine brighter. The youthful and funky energy of this living room is transmitting all around.

9. Old world charm

Heavy wooden beams supporting the high slanting roof, large doors and windows, skylights to flood the room with natural lights of sun and stars, an intelligent mix of wooden and concrete floor and an antique fan is bringing in the old charm in this modern living room. It is well complemented by comfortable sofas, chandelier, lamps and contemporary art works on display.

​10. Stretched out

The long living room is further stretched out through the floor to ceiling glass doors to bring in the nature right into its lap. The white sofa adds some calmness and complements the dark walls of the living room. The splash of colours in the paintings of the wall, cushions and vase is energizing the room. With more than sufficient sitting arrangement the room is ready for party and hanging around with family and friends. Did we forget to mention the fireplace to warm up the cool winter evenings?

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