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How to Design a Warm Contemporary Kitchen: 8 Ideas

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We know that the idea of a contemporary kitchen that also feels warm and inviting might seem like a bot of an oxymoron, but trust us; it IS possible. Ask any professional kitchen planner and they'll tell you that by using a few motifs from other genres of design, you can have that sleek and incredible cooking space that you've always dreamt of, with the added benefit of some rich and decadent touches. Using motifs from rustic and even industrial kitchens, your contemporary space can be transformed into something a whole lot more fantastic, so come and take a look at our favorite ideas.

1. Choose wooden flooring.

Regardless of how crisp and cool your kitchen design is, if you add a natural wood floor, warmth will radiate throughout the space and add a softer element that really works beautifully. It's surprising how much influence a floor can have, but see here; it has really softened an otherwise gleaming white kitchen.

2. Enjoy exposed brickwork.

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Girl and the cat


Speaking of ways to add a little rich warmth to a modern kitchen, we think that exposed bricks look absolutely amazing! There's almost an industrial motif at play here but more than that, there's a contemporary undertone that really radiates out. It's a touch of barefaced beauty and warmth for your kitchen.

3. Choose a hot wall color.

Let's turn up the heat a notch now, with a fiery wall color! If you dare to take the plunge, you can absolutely get away with painting one wall in a vibrant hue that creates a sense of warmth and coziness in even the most modern of kitchen spaces.Think about reds, oranges and yellows for the best impact.

4. Paint the ceiling.

Now here's an idea that is not for the fainthearted! A colored ceiling is most definitely a contemporary design element and if you want to use the technique to add a sense of warmth to an otherwise very contemporary kitchen, you can do a lot worse than choosing black! You'd feel as though you were cooking under a starlit sky every day!

5. Keep the furniture au naturel.

If you don't fancy the idea of wooden flooring, why not simply include a few pieces of natural wood furniture to warm up the ambience a little bit? A wooden dining set would look beautiful, inviting and create a sense of family cohesion as well. Talk about the dream!

6. Maximize the light.

You know what always adds a lot of style and warmth to a space? Huge amounts of natural light! In a modern kitchen, particularly one that has been built in a new extension, it will be a breeze to add some skylights, so that plenty of sunlight pours into the space and adds a lot of warmth.

7. Choose a fantastic accent tile color.

If you want to add some serious warmth and charm to an otherwise sleek and modern kitchen, a natural solution is to choose some tiles for your splashback that ooze beauty and style! A classic or warm color will radiate out and make your entire room feel a lot more enticing.

8. Accessorize with warm metallics.

Finally, you can not only add warmth to a modern kitchen, but also tap into a big trend for 2018, by using warm metallic accessories. Gold, brass and copper tones will look beautiful, especially when contrasted against white and other cool shades.

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