Interior Design Trends for 2018

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Nobody wants to feel as though they're being left behind in terms of interior design trends, but it can be difficult to know what's hot and what's not! You can ask a slew of talented interior designers, but they might have conflicting advice to give you, so why not start here, with us, to find out which motifs, colors and design influences you should be paying attention to? We have tips and tricks for every room in your home, from your master bedroom through to the kitchen, so if you want to know that you're in possession of a modern, fashionable and cool home, come with us now and discover what's going to be big news in 2018!

1. Industrial chic.

There are a number of beautiful motifs associated with industrial design, such as exposed brick, distressed finishes and striking concrete, all of which perfectly demonstrate why it's set to be popular again this year. We think you'll particularly like exposed ducting in the kitchen as well.

2. Color blocking techniques.

Color blocking has been slowly creeping into the interior design hall of fame, thanks to the way it allows you to inject some bold hues into your home, without needing to commit to full walls or overbearing schemes. Essentially, all you have to do is choose one surface to infuse with a vibrant shade, such as a section of your ceiling, as seen here!

3. Mixing blush pink and greenery.

Pink is set to be a really popular color in 2018, thanks to how uplifting and intrinsically romantic it is, but it's getting a new twist this year! By adding a lot of bright green houseplants, you can really highlight how natural and pretty the pink actually is. What a dream combination!

4. Refined coastal motifs.

Nautical interior design isn't anything new, but 2018 is going to see a sophisticated take on the trend being brought to life. Deep indigo hues, stylish prints and elegant fabrics will all play a major role in this trend and won't dilute the fun or playful elements either.

5. Dark wall colors.

Dark wall colors were popular in 2017 and they look set to become even more sought after in 2018. French navy, dark grays and even black are going to really take off and particularly in rooms that you might not be expecting. Bedrooms and kitchens are set to take a walk on the dark side!

6. Relaxed rustic vibes.

A mix of weathered finishes, tactile natural materials and gorgeous earth tones all bring the relaxed rustic to look to life and it has some tangible links to shabby chic styling too. If you can whitewash it, you can definitely tap into the relaxed rustic look and you don't even need to live in the country!

7. Modern Scandinavian.

You really can't afford to overlook the Scandinavian interior design trend, if you want to stay current in 2018, but it's getting a bit of a refresh in terms of how contemporary the associated colors, patterns and furniture shapes are. Bright white and natural wood will always be central to the look, but geometric shapes and jewel brights are creeping in too!

8. Ethnic beauty.

Global decor? Heck yes it's going to be exceptionally popular in 2018! Fabulous furniture, earthy tones and decorative textiles will add a wealth of international appeal and culture to your home, but don't forget some art as well! Wall hangings will really tap into the look, without looking too contrived or conspicuous.

For more trend inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Fabulous furniture trends for 2018.

Are you going to take the plunge and commit to any of these trends?

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