Overlooking the sea; a remodelling project that'll leave you in awe

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海岸の突端に立つ民家のリノベーション, 水谷壮市 水谷壮市 Commercial spaces
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The seashore is where you can capture the beautiful scenery of the coastline—something you won't be able to see from the city. People who live in the urban cities often crave to spend their vacation or long weekends by the beach. The superb views and panoramic landscapes are loved by many as they help relieve accumulated stress. If you are one of them, keep reading!

In this article, we will bring you to the shores and show you an amazing remodelling project that will leave you awestruck. Soichi Mizutani Design Office Co., Ltd., a Japanese architectural company, has come up with this rustic vacation house that sits right at the edge of the coast. The space is designed to fit new functions and applications while maximizing the use of each area. Although presented with an old wooden appearance, you will soon be greeted by a cozy and warm interior with sophisticated designs that cater towards modern people. 

Let's begin the tour now!

A tranquil atmosphere

This remodelling project is a good example on how old houses are transformed into modern-living facilities. First glance, you can easily notice the old traces and finishes on the exterior walls. Designers therefore decorated the entrance with gravels and wooden treads to compensate for the loss in aesthetic appeal. Overall, it gives a very warm impression. Let's go inside now!

Interior that overlooks the sea

There's nothing else better than a wide ocean view overlooking the calm waves. The interior adopts a rather open-style to encourage greater connections with the nature. The wooden pillars are also carved to maintain the shape of a tree log. 

A relaxing dining spot

Right in front of the ocean views, a long dining table is placed for families and friends to gather and enjoy a meal by the water. The simple pendant lightings are the only decorations used to maintain a minimalist and clean environment. The table is also nicely selected to reflect the panoramic blue sky.

An outdoor terrace for you to enjoy the breeze

Let's step out for a bit and appreciate this terrace design. If the weather is good, you can even bring a nice cup of coffee or snack for some outdoor dining. Once again, wooden elements are the dominantly used to enforce its rustic appeal. 

A dining room for small groups

Next, we have another dining area, but designed for small separated groups this time. Four tables are arranged that resemble the setting of a restaurant. The wooden finishes create a cozy atmosphere, while the unique ceiling light adds to its authenticity.

Entrance that is also a waiting area

The entrance of the house can also be seen as a waiting area. Designers enjoyed using natural materials, in which they attached tiny stone pieces onto the wall to reveal the place's rustic sense. 

Mixture of styles

A mixture of styles can be seen here—both rustic and industrial. The use of metallic steel contrasts softly to the wooden touches. The advantage of interior design is that it has unlimited possibilities. In this project, designers took the risk to combine various elements into one. And the result is definitely satisfying!

Bar table for quick meals

The designers paid a lot of attention in bringing the best dining experience. Here is another dining spot built for quick and casual meals. The bar table sits in front of the kitchen and next to the beautiful landscape. For those who'd like to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine while listening to the sound of waves, this is where you should be.

Bright and clean bathroom

The bathroom is a facility used by many, so it cannot be neglected in terms of design. White and wood have always been proven to be an ideal combination. Designers have adopted exactly this concept to enhance brightness and comfort within the room.

A quiet neighbourhood

The warm lightings illuminate the house when the sky is dark in this quiet neighbourhood. If you do plan on living by the coast, what do you think of this project we brought to you today?

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