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Contemporary Mountain Chalet Andrea Schumacher Interiors Modern Bedroom
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With the right design initiatives in place, your fabulous and beautifully put together bedroom can become a haven of relaxation and a temple dedicated to extended periods of weekend laziness, which we think sounds like a whole lot of heaven! After all, we work all week, so who says that we shouldn't enjoy weekends of doing as little as possible? Ask any talented interior designer and they'll tell you that comfort and restoration really do need to be the guiding design principles associated with any bedroom, but how about we prove that to you with some fantastic images? If any of the bedrooms that we're about to show you don't make you yearn for indulgent weekends spent doing absolutely nothing, under the duvet, we'll eat our hats!

1. A luxury landscape.

Master bed by WN Interiors homify Industrial style bedroom

Master bed by WN Interiors


The combination of white walls, bed linen and bedstead, set against the backdrop of a watercolor mural works so beautifully here and creates a stunning and relaxing haven that feels cozy yet fresh all at the same time. Could you tear yourself away from such a sleepy space?

2. Snug and sweet.

Master Bedroom Clean Design Modern Bedroom
Clean Design

Master Bedroom

Clean Design

Faux fur throws, velvet cushions and dazzling natural light? What a combination! From spring through to winter, this would be a very difficult room to leave at the weekends. In fact, we think we'd simply pull the covers up a little more and ignore the alarm clock.

3. Engaging elegance.

Master Bedroom Clean Design Modern Bedroom
Clean Design

Master Bedroom

Clean Design

What we love about this terrifically Scandinavian bedroom design is that there is very little going on, but at the same time, it really grabs your attention and doesn't let go! The wood acts as a natural warmth source, while beautiful art and a cosy seat really make sure that you don;t need anything else.

4. Shameless luxury.

apartments in Moscow Rubleva Design Modern Bedroom
Rubleva Design

apartments in Moscow

Rubleva Design

If you want to make sure that you get enough rest and don;t feel tempted to do a lot at the weekends, a really luxurious bedroom is the way to go! We find the fluffy rug and deep-pile bedding here so sumptuous that we'd be happy to not even get up to make a coffee!

5. Everything you need.

Now this is a bedroom that's perfect for people that want to relax at the weekends, but still have an uncontrollable desire to 'tinker' with a few things. A pretty little office area gives access to personal projects, but without the formality of having to get dressed or leave the room, so an afternoon nap is only a few steps away. Genius!

6. Spa-like vibes.

The colors in this bedroom have been chosen to perfection and radiate a wonderfully unfussy, relaxing and lazy vibe, but with white walls, there's no fear of feeling stagnant, as a fresh kind of laziness is on offer. Low-level beds always seem to look and feel far more slouchy and lazy too, which we love!

7. The dark side.

Sometimes, bright colors will make you feel awake, even when you don't want to be! That's why we really like this bedroom that feels enclosed, snug and fabulously dark. Shut the blinds and the whole day will feel like nighttime and after a few waking moments, your mind will happily let you snooze for two solid days!

8. Warm and cozy.

Doesn't this bedroom look STAGGERING? The high ceiling really adds to the glamor but in terms of creating a snug little lazy haven, it's the huge bed and flickering inset fireplace that really takes things up a notch! Just imagine stoking up the flames, getting back into bed and having a good Netflix binge! The dream!

9. A perfect view.

Award Winning Winslow Project Futurian Systems Classic style bedroom
Futurian Systems

Award Winning Winslow Project

Futurian Systems

If any bedroom would make it impossible to get out of bed at the weekend, it's one with a gorgeous view and a fabulous vista, like this one! The soft country styling creates a lovely setting for some romantic snuggling and the view, being ever changing, is all the entertainment needed. Delightful!

For even more amazing bedrooms, take a look at this Ideabook: Bedrooms with the dreamiest views.

Which of these bedrooms would make it difficult for you to get up and out at the weekend?

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