5 homes that prove that less is more

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We know that not everybody can get onboard with the idea of a seriously cool minimalist family home, but that doesn't mean that one of the underlying principles of the aesthetic can't be adopted by more of us! We've all heard the saying 'less is more' and today, we're going to prove that to you, by observing some of the most stylish and enviable spaces that have been created by phenomenally talented interior designers.

By the end of this article, you're going to have a newfound appreciation for unfussy, fresh and modern bedrooms, pared back living rooms and ultra simple kitchens. We guarantee that!

1. A room with a view.

If this bedroom doesn't make you want to crawl under the covers and shut the world out for a whole weekend, we don't know what will! Bright white walls, no clutter and a smattering of functional yet pretty furniture was all that was needed, thanks to a gorgeous view. There aren't even curtains, but why would there be? Who would ever want to shut out that vista?

2. Open and simple.

It would have been so easy to fill this newly created extension with an over the top kitchen and a plethora of furniture, dark colors and accessories, but by keeping things simple and minimal, there is such a sense of airiness and freedom. All the furniture has been selected to mimic the proportions of the room, in that it is narrow and long and that really serves to lengthen the space more and add to the unfussy look. Delicious!

3. Beautifully simple.

Isn't it amazing that this room features very little furniture, yet still feels cozy and ready to use? By sticking to an all-white color scheme, everything that has been added is almost camouflaged, yet it doesn't feel cold or sterile thanks to soft natural wood accents. Can you imagine how easy it would be to clean and maintain a home like this as well? That's enough of a reason to make us sign up!

4. No loss of luxury.

If you're thinking that a less is more home means that you have to skimp on the luxury, think again! If anything, you can go even more all out! If you are buying less pieces of furniture, the ones you do need can afford to be even more exclusive, incredible and decadent. There's very little in this living room, yet you are left in no doubt as to what a huge budget was used, right?

5. Modest yet magnificent.

It can be hard to let go of the notion that a kitchen needs to be cluttered, huge and something to really take notice of, but this one is certainly helping to retrain our brains! The lack of fussy finishing touches is exactly what makes this kitchen look so high-end and chic, so for less furniture and fixtures, you really can get a lot more elegance!

For more minimalist inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Minimalist decoration: 9 beautiful bedrooms with a minimalist design.

Are you keen to inject a little more minimalism into your home?

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