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How to make your rented bathroom a nicer place

Leigh Leigh
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It is something that anyone who has rented an apartment or a house has to go through… the whole place needs to be spring cleaned, organised and adapted for you, not just because you want to feel like you live in a nice place but because you want it to feel like home. Even though it's a temporary home, for now it is your nest, your home and so it needs to be welcoming, warm and very comfortable.

In today's homify article, we are making the bathroom a priority and giving you all the tips you need to make this space truly yours. We know how personal a bathroom space is so it requires special care for you to truly feel good in it. So we will unveil six essential tips for you to beautify this home space, making your bathroom clean and customised to your desires and tastes.

With a little bit of décor and your personal touch in each corner, you will quickly see how easy it is to make a bathroom your own. It will feel like it's always been yours! Feeling good in a rented house is halfway to feeling good every single day! And the bathroom is one of the spaces where this good feeling should not fall short.

So see our suggestions and commit yourself to your new home!

Keep it clean

Clean, clean and clean some more! If you've lived in a rented house you'll know that you can never do too much cleaning. And there's a reason for this! As clean as a home may seem, we must still use disinfectant and give each corner a proper scrub as well as each carpet a deep cleanse. Why? Because we never know how much cleaning was done before we moved in! It may not be as sparkly clean and disinfected as it seems! So roll up your sleeves, put on some gloves, buy a range of household products and bingo! All is clean and fragrant!

Since we are talking about the bathroom, we also know that this space requires greater hygiene. We are going to have direct contact with a lot of areas in the bathroom: in the bath, in the shower and on the toilet! We want peace of mind when ever we are in here! We want to be able to move around our bathroom with ease, without any worry about germs and dirt!

Cleaning also helps you to figure out what you want and what you need to throw out. Make a selection of the items that you want in your bathroom and what needs to go in the dustbin. You need to give a whole new look and feel to your bathroom. After all it is our spa!

New shower curtain

When we move into a rented house, we have to settle for whatever is in the bathroom—whether it be a bath or a shower—no matter which one you actually prefer. Either way, however, you can decorate your bathroom with a gorgeous curtain. This is a very trendy decorative element and also protects the bath or the shower, so that the water does not splash all over the floor. You don't want to create a pool of water at the edge of the shower or on the floor. Not only can this make your bathroom dirty but is also dangerous—you may slip and fall!

Nowadays you can find so many different fashionable curtains, leaving behind that old school vision of a bathroom curtain as an ugly accessory.

For example this German company, Junique, has a huge range of super cute and fun curtains that will certainly turn your bathroom around. It makes for an attractive background, right? So what are you waiting for?!

Modern sanitation

It may seem excessive if we told you to consider changing the toilet in the bathroom, or maybe not… but unfortunately what we do know is that when it comes to renting, toilets are not always in the best condition because there is no major investment by the landlord. 

Unfortunately a toilet can seem far from desirable in a rented house's bathroom, which is a reason to question your contract with your landlord. It is worth asking them to replace the toilet and reminding your landlord about the importance of hygiene. It's not that difficult to change a toilet!

Choose a modern design that works with the style of the rest of the bathroom. Modern toilets, as we see here in this example by JRBOTAS Design & Home,  can be suspended above the ground, which is much more discreet. This is achieved by building the tank into the wall and mounting the toilet on the wall with some support. This leaves the basin of the toilet the only part that is visible to the naked eye—much more pleasant!

Create storage

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Ypsy for the Bathroom


The bathroom can become a space that is small and cramped, with no space for cupboards, which means that all of our things end up spread all over the place—which makes the bathroom look even smaller and more cramped!

But here at homify, we have some cards up our sleeve! The strategy is very simple, cheap and effective. You can choose to mount a shelf on the wall of your bathroom or under the sink. The other option is to buy a ladder, or build one with some bamboo sticks, which becomes the perfect item to hang towels onto or clothing when you step into the bath. None of your towels will stick to the wall!

You can buy basket or wicker cabinets as well which are cheap and practical, which allows you space to organise your towels, your cosmetics and your hygiene products.

Have a look through our bathroom products for inspiration!

Decorate with accessories

Even though it's a bathroom, we should still decorate it with a few ornaments and accessories, just like we do in the living room or the bedroom. It's the prefect way to customise the space and make it pretty and attractive to our eyes as well as anyone else who uses it. The bathroom deserves a bit of attention!

You can find beautiful pieces to decorate your bathroom with in all kinds of design stores. Your décor items can be beautiful jars of bubble bath that also help you to relax in the hot, soapy water! There are other more common items that you can use as well, such as a rug, a lamp, paintings, candles, incense and even sea shells! These can all work together to create beautiful art in the bathroom. 

But there is one more element that is always good, no matter where it is in the house…

Flowers or plants

Plants and flowers are green, flowery and colourful elements that score points no matter where they are placed in the house, providing a sense of osmosis with nature. 

This is a simple solution, but how attractive is it? We say a big YES to flowers, which are fresh, clean and capture the environment, especially with the smells that they bring in. 

For more inspiration, take a peek at: The Secrets Of A Stylish Modern Bathroom.

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