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9 wall storage ideas that you need to try

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Your walls might be an untapped resource of home organization and storage, if you aren't putting them to great use but we want to help you unlock their full potential! 

Interior designers that frequently work with small properties, for example, in New York, have become masters at making every inch of wall space work a whole lot harder and we know that you'll be shocked at some of the amazing systems and ideas that are being brought into being. From a contemporary home office alternative through to practical and aesthetically pleasing organization solutions, we have something for everybody today, so let's take a look!

1. Industrial shelving.

Smaller properties can still be terrifically organized, if you select the right wall shelving and we love industrial designs! Pared back, simple and so unfussy, they really do maximize your display options, without taking over an entire room with bulky sides and supports. 

2. Adaptable wall cubbies.

We LOVE wall cubbies, as they give you lots of storage with the added bonus of optional doors, to hide annoying things away. Also, being square, cubbies can become a modular system with ease, as you can add more as and when you need them!

3. Kitchen utensil racks.

Regardless of how traditional or modern your kitchen is, you will always need a lot more storage than you first imagine! Because of this, we think it's a great idea to get your utensils up on the wall. Not only will the things you use the most be to hand at all times, they will also look great and add a real pro chef vibe! Who doesn't want an eye-catching kitchen?

4. Bike parking.

Love cycling? Then get your bike up on the wall! Day-to-day it will be a funky piece of wall art and when you want to pop on your helmet and go out for a ride, it's to hand and simple to get out of the front door! Choose a rack like the one pictured here and you'll even have a handy little shelf for all your cycling essentials as well.

5. A pared-back desk.

Birdie Mounted Desk homify Office spaces & stores

Birdie Mounted Desk


How's this for a REALLY unusual wall idea? Instead of trying to find a significant amount of space that can account for a bulky desk, this wall-mounted design simply transforms as and when you need it to and at all other times, just looks like a chic piece of industrial storage!

6. Amazing garden planters.

Vertical gardens are really taking off in terms of popularity, as they offer people the benefit of a lot of green space, within a small or awkward location. By simply adding a few planters to your walls, you can enjoy a cascade of glorious foliage either indoors or out on a terrace. 

7. Coffee table alternatives.

Isn't this a great idea? Instead of sacrificing some floor space in a small living room, a floating coffee table really takes advantage of all the free wall area and gives you access to just as much useful surface space as a standard side table would! You could do this in a bedroom too, in place of bedside tables.

8. A chic wine rack.

If you love wine and find yourself collecting particular bottles, you'll know that they soon start to take over a small kitchen. Not many people have the space for a wine cellar, so we think that a wine rack, up on a wall, makes perfect sense. It actually creates a really chic display, as well as being practical!

9. Stick and go storage.

GENIUS! Magnetic notice boards are great, as they offer a slimline profile but also endlessly evolving form of wall storage. Anything metal that is taking up surface space and cluttering up your home can simply be stuck to the wall, which is why these designs are so popular in modest kitchens. We'd have something like this in a home office too though.

For more cool storage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Secret storage solutions for small homes.

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