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The evolution of technology is really moving at the speed of light. New and improved electronic objects are invented seemingly every day, and old electronics undergo incredible transformations to make our busy, busy lives easier and faster. 

One of these electronic objects that have undergone major transformations in the past few decades is the good old television set. And to think that some of our grandparents didn't even have TVs in their houses. Today it’s quite unthinkable to function without one, especially if you’re a devoted follower of one or more TV series. 

But where did it all start? The first TV made its noble appearance with a black and white vision. It had a bulky head and was quite heavy. Later on, colour was introduced, and we could enjoy more bright and vivid images on screen.  After that, new brands saw the light of day, and the evolution of television has continued ever since. 

With all the different categories that exist today, we can’t just state our desire to buy a new TV. The sales person will need a bit more information, for example: LED, OLED, curved, flat, plasma screen, brand name… the list goes on. And with all these options to choose from, a lot of us are taking the next step and introducing additional TVs into our houses. 

Which brings us to today’s topic: options on where to place the TV in your home. Read on to find out…

The living room

This is a no-brainer, of course. Where else would one expect to gather all the friends around to watch the big game, or to lounge in comfort for movie night? 

Today we want big screens and high-tech for ultimate performance and experience. Whether we choose to cheer on our favourite sport stars, shake our head in disbelief at world news, or engage in raucous laughter at the latest comedy release, we want to do so in style. 

So, if you’re pressed for choice on where to put that television, the living room is your first and safest bet. On or against the wall opposite the sofa – and be sure to leave enough space between your seat and the television screen! 

Be sure to check out our vast collection of living rooms here on homify, available in all styles and designs.

The bedroom

Our bedroom – that safe and private space where we engage in dreams, spend quality time with that special person, or recuperate from the occasional illness. And, for a lot of people, also a prime spot for watching television! 

Some people are against bringing a television into the bedroom, stating that it disturbs their sleeping pattern and is nothing more than a distraction. Others, again, are for it. What better way to drift off to sleep while lying in bed and watching a movie/programme, is their argument. 

This choice is completely up to you – and the one you share your bed with, of course. A Saturday night movie in bed can be a fantastic way to spend quality time together. But just note that, should you decide to share your bedroom with this electronic wonder, you must be sure to place it at the right height – either on a table, or by mounting it against the wall. Lying in bed and watching a too-low set television puts incredible strain on one’s neck, and can suck all the fun out of even the funniest comedy.

The kitchen

Pity the poor cook who hates cooking in silence. Slicing up veggies and stirring the pasta sauce just isn't the same without some company or pleasant sounds in the background. While some people prefer their kitchen company to be alive and human, others settle for a radio or music player of some sort. And then others opt for a television set.

Many people choose a smaller television for the kitchen, simply because it’s not their main source of TV watching—it merely serves as a slight distraction / companion piece while engaging in culinary tasks. In these cases, the TV is usually mounted to a wall with proper support, leaving important floor—and surface space available. 

Then there are those who don’t hold back at all, and splurge on those fancy refrigerators that come equipped with a built-in television screen. This is a true sign that a lot of homeowners feel they are lacking a certain something while working in the kitchen, be it their favourite TV series or just the steady sound of somebody talking or singing.  

Decide for yourself which group you belong to.

The bathroom

Now this is truly a unique setting to think about placing a television – and yet, many people worldwide see nothing wrong with it. Did it start with those Hollywood movies of wealthy Beverly Hills-type millionaires sitting in a bubble bath while watching TV? Who can say? 

It is a tempting notion to relax in a warm bath, soaking those muscles and eyeing a blockbuster playing on the screen in front of you. Then again, some people are of the opinion that bath-time can be a healthy break from TV watching, however long or short that may be. 

Whatever notion you support, it’s hard to fight even the slightest temptation by viewing this luxurious bathroom setting by Aguirre Architects.

The kids’ room

Whether or not to place a television in a child’s room (be it their bedroom or playroom) is a decision every parent must make on their own. It can lead to some heated debates, granted, with some proclaiming televisions are replacing good old-fashioned childhood memories like running outside or playing with toys. 

Others may be of the opinion that a little ‘Barney and Friends’ in the playroom can be a great babysitter to keep the little ones preoccupied while Mommy and Daddy are fixing dinner. Should you count yourself in this group, be sure to limit your youngster’s TV time, and monitor the programmes that he/she is allowed to watch. 

TV or no TV, we bring some: Fantastic Bedroom Ideas Your Child Will Love.

The home office

No, we hear you say, my home office/study is where I need to concentrate, so why would I consider placing a television in there? Well, we all need a break from work/study sooner or later, and a little channel surfing can be just the thing to take your mind off that mind-boggling problem you’re busy with. 

In addition, a lot of people find they function and think better with a little background noise, like music shows or news broadcasts. A lot of children learn to study this way (with a TV or radio on in the background), taking this habit with them into adulthood. 

Whatever decision you make, we still love this splendid idea by Nini Andrade Silva Interiors, above. With an indigenous function that allows the TV to turn 180°, you can still keep an eye on that needed news coverage, whether lying in bed or keeping busy at your desk.

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