Classic décor: what you need to know

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Despite the plethora of interior design styles out there, there is one that will forever remain popular and not just because of it's name! We are of course talking about classic décor. The question is, however, what constitutes classic design themes? Is there a prescriptive list of characteristics?

We thought we'd take a look at some of the most popular variations on the classic decor theme, so that you can pick and choose which elements you like best. You may not like them all, but we are willing to bet that there will be a lot that you can't wait to put into practice in your home!

Show a little history

Classic decor really does seek to look to the past and bring the most stylish and elegant elements into the modern day. With this in mind, it's all about those architectural details, decorative items and fabric choices! Put together, a few classic pieces simply exude a natural chic and really give your home a timeless appeal.

We love this eclectic hallway from Allan Malouf, as it has effortlessly encapsulated everything that classic decor is. With recognised long-standing design principles in place, such as a checkerboard floor and gorgeous pillars, the antique furniture adds an old fashioned yet elegant feel that would look good in any home.

Keep it simple

Livingroom Loch View homify Living room

Livingroom Loch View


Part of what makes classic décor such a lovely addition to a home is that it can centre around simple, easy to accessorise pieces of furniture and colour schemes. Take this living room as an example of what we mean; with large, comfortable seating in place, finished in plain fabrics, more exciting, yet still classic pieces could be added.

This room, as a whole, feels fantastically well put together and geared towards easily socialisation and relaxation and despite some patterns, doesn't feel too busy or over the top. That's the joy of classic decor done well!

Add some French inspiration

If looking to the past for your current design schemes appeals to you but you want something with a little more pizazz, we don't think you can go wrong with some French classic décor! Brought to life with rich fabrics, vivid colours and an overarching sense of luxury, this really is the style for anyone with a dramatic edge!

We think this dining room is utterly incredible and though there is no denying that it makes a big visual impact, it does so in a way that really makes us want to create something similar in our home! Classic almost to the point of regal, we really do love this!

Choose timeless furniture

To really embrace classic décor in your home you need to start thinking about investing in timeless furniture pieces. No modern items will really be able to create the same feel or nostalgic nod to the past that antiques can, so we think it's a good idea to keep an eye out for older pieces that you can bring into your home.

You might be worried that this could be an expensive endeavour, but by shopping in a more savvy way, you could embrace classic décor on a budget. Car boot sales, antiques fairs and even charity shops are all good locations for finding fantastic furniture that has a lifetime of character.

Use neutral colours

An Eclectic Edwardian Home Heart Home magazine Living room
Heart Home magazine

An Eclectic Edwardian Home

Heart Home magazine

Classic decor brings with it inferences of pared back chic, timeless elegance and long-standing standards of aesthetic value, so with that in mind, we don't think you'll be surprised to learn that neutral colour schemes are a good idea!

While you might love the idea of bright orange walls, that isn't going to lead to an overall feeling of classic decor, so keep the orange as an accent colour and try something a little less punchy for the main body of the room. Natural materials are also a great way to minimise the likelihood of jarring hues creeping in!

Add luxe textures

Don't think that a neutral wall colour means you have to be boring to have classic décor as that really isn't the case. In fact, classic styling can involve some of the most flamboyant materials you'll ever see!

Heavy brocades, rich velvets and luxe satins will all contribute to a perfectly classic room and will also liven up those pared back walls. Add a few portraits as well and you have the makings of a fabulous home that the BBC will be dying to shoot their next period drama in!

For more classic additions for your home, take a look at this amazing Ideabook: Chandeliers: Classic To Contemporary. After all, why choose amazing furniture if you can't see it properly?

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