7 Small balconies for a simple living

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​37 mq intelligenti, Design for Love Design for Love Patios & Decks
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Back in the days, the balcony is mainly used for drying laundry. But now it has become a new and unique space for home cafes or home offices. In today's article, we will bring you to 7 simple and small balconies from around the world. Wonder how they're designed? Keep reading to find out!

1. Sensual Scandinavian balcony

​37 mq intelligenti, Design for Love Design for Love Patios & Decks

The first example presented to you is designed by Italian interior expert, Design For Love. This small yet charming balcony proves that you don't need a big space for exceptional results. The designers here aimed for a sensual and intimate atmosphere, in which they arranged minimalist furnitures and decorated them with warm furry blankets and wool to emphasize the coziness. Furthermore, green plants are added around to give a touch of vitality. If you're a wine person, this little outdoor space is ideal for a relaxing glass of wine in front of the city views.

2. Balcony designed like a secret garden

Girl and the cat, BLACKHAUS BLACKHAUS Modern Garden Wood Green balcony

Our next concept is proposed by Blackhaus, an interior expert based in France. If you aren't fond of your balcony being too exposed to the external eye, you can opt for wooden partitions and higher railings to block the view for an appropriate amount. Likewise in this design, the balcony is surrounded by green plants that give the area secrecy and isolation—hence, it resembles the Secret Garden. White furniture is also used to match the wooden floorings, in which both are common elements for cozy modern designs. 

3. A contemplative space

homify Patios & Decks

If you like to enjoy times alone, take a look at this balcony design. From Taiwan, MK Interior Design created this calming area for you to have contemplative thoughts with yourself. The walls are finished in wood to enhance its nature touch. Likewise, designers have even built a mini garden on the side covered in white gravels. Here, the lighting is one of the key points of focus. This arc-shaped lamp illuminates the space effortlessly so you can sit back and read a book any time. If you're looking for the best way to spend your lone times, this balcony is definitely one to aim for.

4. Enclosed porch interior for families with children

等等 wait a sec, 耀昀創意設計有限公司/Alfonso Ideas 耀昀創意設計有限公司/Alfonso Ideas Patios & Decks

等等 wait a sec, 耀昀創意設計有限公司/Alfonso Ideas 耀昀創意設計有限公司/Alfonso Ideas Living room

Here, we introduce you an enclosed porch interior for families with kids in particular. Taiwanese expert Alfonso Ideas expanded the living room by creating a children's learning or play area which is originally an open porch. 

5. Solution to a narrow balcony

Яркие мечты, RogovStudio RogovStudio Patios & Decks

If you have a very narrow balcony that you don't know how to use it for, take a look at this design. Russian interior architects, Rogov Studio, did a fantastic job in utilizing this limited space by placing a built-in couch that fits perfectly like Tetris. The sofa-bed allows you to enjoy a relaxing moment during a warm sunny day. In addition, the bottom of the couch can also be used for storage. It's like killing two birds with one stone! Do not give up and put such beautiful space into waste. There is always unlimited possibilities when it comes to interior design!

6. Indoor balcony divided into two parts

日光森活‧三十年老屋新生命 微自然室內裝修設計有限公司 Modern Terrace

日光森活‧三十年老屋新生命 微自然室內裝修設計有限公司 Modern Terrace

Typically, a balcony takes up a narrow and long form. This means it can be easily separated into half for different purposes! You can even stylize each space individually. Mineral Design from Taiwan divided the balcony into two—one as an expansion to the living room, while the other as a multi-purpose room for laundry, etc. What do you think of this design?

7. Balcony filled with sensuality

Plywood Warsaw, OFD architects OFD architects Patios & Decks

Our last proposal is delivered by OFC Architects from Poland. This sensibility-filled balcony design uses a variety of decorations and DIY furnitures. The sofa and tables are all hand-made from recycled wooden materials frequently used in construction sites. Also, you can see a mix of cheap and easy-to-use folding chairs decorated with colorful fabrics. A light and fun atmosphere is presented.

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