16 Kitchens ideas you'll want to try in 2018

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After a long a day of work or during holidays, instead of eating out, you might want to go home and enjoy a healthier meal on your own or with your family. Even if they're simple dishes, nothing beats the food you make personally with care. To welcome the new year, we have 16 kitchen ideas that will make you want start cooking in 2018. Let's take a look now!

1. Semi-open style

Our first proposal is a semi-enclosed kitchen painted in white and decorated with wooden furnitures. Once dinner is ready, the dishes will be served on the open bar table. Simple but lovely!

2. All white

The follows a complete white scheme including the countertop, exhaust hood and cabinets. It gives a very elegant and clean impression that will probably leave you in awe for a long time!

3. Next to the balcony

This L-shaped countertop is fully equipped with everything you need. It sits right next to the balcony, which is a perfect spot for family gatherings during the holidays!

4. Long countertop

For long spaces, it is most suitable to use an elongated countertop close by the walls. You can also build a slight platform in front of the windows to place decorations or kitchen tools. 

5. Combination of spaces

Here is a 3-in-1 area for cooking, dining and relaxing! You can down enjoy TV-dinners any time.

6. Color balance

White brings elegance to the atmosphere, while the colorful tiles give it a splash of liveliness to create a nice balance!

7. Beige tones

Warm beige tones are very common in modern style housings. In this design, various shades of brown and white are used to create a luxurious impression.

8. T-shape transition

The kitchen counter and dining table form a T-shape and smooth transition. Simple pendant lightings are held right above too to give the area a sense of personality and charm.

9. Wood and steel

If you are looking for a simple design, wooden furnitures and shiny steel might be a good combination!

10. Modern style kitchen

E2 KITCHEN arQing Kitchen

This modern style kitchen adopts the theme of black and white, which produces a very lowkey yet elegant beauty.

11. Material over color

水木空間設計 homify Kitchen units White

White furnitures are undoubtedly more prone to dirt, so the point of focus lies on the material to be used. Consult one of our kitchen planners to learn more about it!

12. A rustic country-style kitchen

This rustic kitchen is decorated with bricks and a traditional stove. For those who are fond of country styles, this is the one for you!

13. A shiny touch

A significant use of steel surfaces can be seen in this next design. Its reflective nature gives the kitchen a shiny touch.

14. U-shape countertop

homify Modern Kitchen Solid Wood Brown

The U-shape countertop is probably the most convenient to use. It gives the person cooking sufficient space to align the ingredients and kitchenware, while allowing them to taking full control of what's happening around. 

15. Utilize space vertically

For small kitchens especially, it is highly recommended to utilize space vertically. Here, you will see the microwave being slipped into the cupboard. You can also place kitchenware or other applianced in there!

16. Creative creation

Lastly, we will finish with this cute kitchen design decorated with plants and flowers. The wall on the side is transformed into a little wall garden to give the area a fresh touch of vitality. Be creative!

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