Feng Shui Guide for Beginners: 10 Essentials for a Healthy Body and Mind

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If you think you need some positivity in your life, you might want to start from your house. Since your home is where you spend most of your time in, today we will explain to you the basics of Feng Shui and how it can affect the way you live.

Let's begin by discussing what Feng Shui is. Its significance is to maintain positive energy and reduce negative ones. The aim of it is to create a home space that will provide its residents a healthy body and state of mind. Feng Shui is an important factor to consider in interior design, which can be easily manipulated through the placement of furnitures, natural sunlight and use of construction materials. 

Curious on how this works? Keep reading to find out!

1. Less is more: keep it neat

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The first principle of Feng Shui you must know is—to minimize decorations and reduce unnecessary items. The environment should be clear, bright, ventilated and unimpeded. Please keep in mind that a space full of junk is not beneficial to the resident's health and mentality at all. In fact, having too much items will interrupt the flow of air within the house. 

If you are planning to renovate your house, this is definitely something to be considered. If it is already renovated, look around, and carefully decide if there is anything to be rearranged. Try organizing your closet and get rid of things you don't need for your bathroom or living room. Sell or donate them! Just remember: less is more!

2. Placement of furnitures

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The placement of furnitures is another important element in Feng Shui. We will focus on one major furniture here: the bed. First of all, the head of the bed must not be placed right by the door, nor should it face the door directly. If not, it will impede your privacy and security. In addition, avoid putting heavy objects on your bedside table, as it is also considered unsafe.

Most importantly, there should be enough space on your bed for you to lie down. The symmetry and harmony of furnitures are essential too, so avoid placing your bed next to the wall. As for your bed, you must select solid headboards and secure bed frames. Do not place the mattress directly to the ground, because then you won't be able to sleep properly. 

3. The importance of colors

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The color used to paint your rooms should also be carefully selected. After all, each color produces different effects. For instance, yellow is to re-energize; blue is a cold tone that brings peace; and red awakens sensuality and romance. Before you paint your room, you must learn about the science of color. If you aren't fond of colorful walls, try consulting interior designers to help you select a more moderate tone. You can also include decorations like cushions, carpets and curtains to add color to the area.

4. The importance of natural light

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It's safe to say that natural light is the miraculous cure for your body and mind. Open the windows to absorb the sunlight. However, it is better if the window doesn't face the big streets with cars passing constantly. You must also use curtains to protect your windows, or opt for semi-transparent or light-colored ones so it won't block all the sunlight.

5. Mirrors are great! But where to put them?

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Mirrors are a perfect item in interior design. On top of its aesthetic qualities, mirrors create a greater sense of openness in the room due to its reflective nature. However in terms of Feng Shui, if mirrors are placed in the wrong place, it might become a hindrance instead. For instance, you must never place them near the entrance. They are rather suitable for closets or walls. Do not put it directly facing the the bed either. In the living room, you can hang it on the wall or on top of other furnitures to provide a sense of balance and liveliness to the room. As for the kitchen, avoid the use of mirror as much as possible.

6. A comfortable and inspirational kitchen

homify Kitchen

The kitchen is another important area in your house. Not only is it a place to cook, it is also where social activities are held. Remember to keep the area clean and organized. The electrical appliances must be wisely placed where easily accessible. Moreover, you shall never build a kitchen and bathroom right opposite each other to prevent cross contamination.

7. Make good use of natural materials

Casa Antiga de 1923, Ricardo Moreno Arquitectos Ricardo Moreno Arquitectos Modern Living Room

Wood and stones are the perfect construction materials in interior decoration that bring a sense of naturalness and positivity to the house.

8: The bathroom is more than just a bathroom

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You begin and end your day in the bathroom, so its function is undoubtedly critical. Bathrooms are for you to relax. So if possible, it should face the window to absorb natural light and air. If the ventilation is good, it can also help you save cost on power consumption. Add some flowers or candles in it to bring out an even relaxing spa-like atmosphere!

9. Advantages of plants

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Plants bring color and vitality. They can also help improve the quality of air in your house! We recommend you not to use artificial flowers and clean out your withered plants regularly. For better Feng Shui, lotus flowers, bamboos, lilies, camellia and chrysanthemum are some good candidates.

10. What to do with pets?

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After a busy day at work, when your cute little pet come running to you at home, all your stress seems to disappear right away. Their liveliness brings positive energy to your house. So if you are hesitating about getting a pet, think no more and consider adopting one. It's time to add a new member to your family!

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