7 Small but impressive dressing room designs

Teresa Choy—homify Teresa Choy—homify
Piso en el Eixample de Barcelona. 2013, Deu i Deu Deu i Deu Eclectic style dressing rooms
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Often, when you think of a dressing room, you might imagine a spacious and colorful space full of designer's clothes and shoes. However, in today's article, we will show you 7 dressing room ideas designed by worldwide experts that are for small households. Keep reading to see how it's done!

1. Minimalist dressing room

Ático RJ, en Catarroja, acertus acertus Modern Dressing Room

To start off, we have a minimalist and white dressing room designed by Spanish interior expert ACERTUS. To give it a greater sense of space, a sheer fabric curtain is placed in front of the window to reflect natural light and make the room look brighter and wider. 

2. A dressing room hiding behind the walls

ЖК Маяк, Ирина Рожкова - частный дизайнер интерьера Ирина Рожкова - частный дизайнер интерьера Scandinavian style dressing room Chipboard Turquoise

Don't sweat if there is no space in your bedroom for a closet. You can always utilize the space within the walls! Designed by interior expert from Moscow, ИРИНА РОЖКОВА—ЧАСТНЫЙ ДИЗАЙНЕР ИНТЕРЬЕРА, this small dressing room can be opened and closed with a sliding door. It consists of hangers and shelves to maximize storage so this corner space won't go to waste at all! 

3. Luxurious dressing room with the use of wooden textures

Roman House Penthouse, The Manser Practice Architects + Designers The Manser Practice Architects + Designers Modern Dressing Room

MANSER PRACTICE ARCHITECTS + DESIGNERS, an interior specialist based in London UK, proposed this elongated and narrow dressing room with a luxurious style. The open drawers are unified in solid wood colors with hangers on the side to display your clothes neatly. The other side is then completed with mirrors to give the space a wider sensation. 

4. Make-up room and dressing room as one

Apartamento Nine, Camila Chalon Arquitetura Camila Chalon Arquitetura Modern Dressing Room

Our next design is introduced by Paraguay's CAMILA CHALON ARQUITETURA. The compacted area is a combination of a dressing room and a make-up room. A storage desk is placed right at the center in front of the windows, while shelves are lined on the sides of the walls to hold clothes and bags. The beauty of this dressing room can be felt even with the drawbacks of its tight interior space. Designers have done an amazing job in utilizing the magnificent landscape beyond the windows as the room's point of focus. 

5. A dressing room that utilizes the dead spots of the house

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank unter Schräge, meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH Modern Dressing Room

Who would have thought to build a dressing room below an attic, right? Well, German furniture designer MEINE MÖBELMANUFAKTUR GMBH did. In order to not waste this dead space under the slanted roof, experts have wisely utilized this area that is often neglected. Thanks to the sunshine, this dressing room is kept dry all year to prevent clothes from getting moldy or damaged. However, please note that too much sunlight can also cause the color on your clothes to fade. So it is highly recommended to place curtains or blinds on your windows.

6. A dressing room with hooks

Apartament w Gdyni 2012, formativ. indywidualne projekty wnętrz formativ. indywidualne projekty wnętrz Modern Dressing Room

Interior experts from FORMATIV. INDYWIDUALNE PROJEKTY WNÈTRZ demonstrated a very clever way to hang your clothes. The walls are not put into waste as hooks are mounted to keep your clothes up neat and tidy. This dressing room is very easy to be implemented and are very practical in terms of functionality. The scattered circular hooks also enhance the space's liveliness and creativity.

7. A small lounge-like dressing room

Piso en el Eixample de Barcelona. 2013, Deu i Deu Deu i Deu Eclectic style dressing rooms

DEU I DEU is an interior specialist based in Barcelona, Spain. It does not only focus on storing clothes, but on the vibe the interior gives as a whole. Creamy white colors are used to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Finished with a round ottoman, couch and furnitures in beige, the dressing room presents itself in a very delicate and elegant style. This dressing room design is exactly what you can imagine for your dream house!

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