6 Inspiring hammocks for your house

Teresa Choy—homify Teresa Choy—homify
高津の家, 向山建築設計事務所 向山建築設計事務所 Modern Living Room
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Ever thought of including a swinging hammock in your living area for some leisurely relaxing time? Decorating your house with unique items like a hammock might help lighten you up from your ordinary hectic daily routines. Today, we will present you 6 interior ideas that utilize hammocks. Maybe it's time to get one for your own room!

1. An item for you to carry out your hobbies

高津の家, 向山建築設計事務所 向山建築設計事務所 Modern Living Room

In our first proposal, a hammock is placed right by the window as a means for you to enjoy the view, the sunshine and cool breeze outside. This place between the living room and dining area can often be left out and put into waste. Designers here have, therefore, came up with the idea to include a hammock that faces the rooftop terrace. You can read, play guitar or perform any of your hobbies here. It is ideal for a relaxing leisure life. 

2. Free-flowing Brooklyn style

vintage×sozai, nuリノベーション nuリノベーション Living room

The hammock alone makes the tension in this room go away naturally. This Brooklyn-style apartment is remodelled by Japanese expert NU Renovation. A sensual antique vibe is given by incorporating wild textures of concrete and wood together. The white hammock hanging on the side is a perfect fit for this space full of liberty and creativity. The light color seamlessly blends with and adds to the playful mixture.

3. A space to enjoy the sun and wind

平井の家, 株式会社kotori 株式会社kotori Patios & Decks Wood Wood effect

If you are wondering where the best place to put a hammock is, it will be the outdoor terrace. You can enjoy the wind, the sunshine, and also the beautiful scenery outside. A hammock can be a substitute for a couch or chair. It is perfect for those with children who wish to create a playful and fun environment for them.

4. A unique interior

音が紡ぐ家, 松岡淳建築設計事務所 松岡淳建築設計事務所 Modern Media Room

The high ceiling is an impressive point of focus. Not only does it give you a broader view, the spacious area also allows you to incorporate various elements such as a hammock to bring out the uniqueness of the house. The hammock here faces a panoramic garden in the front where sunshine penetrates through naturally. Hence, this seating spot allows you to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a slight sense of motion.

5. A relaxing time at the indoor terrace

BBQスタイルのキッチンとインナーテラス, 株式会社ブルースタジオ 株式会社ブルースタジオ Modern Bedroom

Under the sunlight, this hammock at the indoor terrace will definitely leave an impression. Finished with a cushion in a completely white colored scheme, light is reflected effectively so a refreshing and comfortable space can be created. It is a design that will make you feel like someone is gently wrapping their arms around you. 

6. An elegant touch to the garden

Hammock RAHM 008 Sunday Furniture Classic style garden Furniture

If there is no ceiling or pillar for you to hang a hammock, this chair stand might be a good alternative. Introduced by SUNDAY FURNITURE, this item is a perfect touch for a more elegant garden. Its natural texture emphasizes a sense of vitality and it's designed to blend with the surrounding greens and flowers.

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