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10 amazing ideas to utilize the space under the sink for storage

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A small apartment mandates a smart design that offers plentiful practicality in a neat & visually sound manner. This means that the furniture, furnishings, decor as well as storage convenience need to be arranged sans a chaotic/ dingy look. But howsoever contemporary the design be, it takes no experts to understand that in order to maintain a clean interior space, a proper arrangement is a MUST. And if you have suitable storage space, tidy organization is not a herculean task.

Increasing paucity of spaces makes it essential that the interior design be accomplished in a creative manner, making the most of the available space & optimizing it tastefully. Be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, out-of-the-box thinking can do wonders for tidy storage. Multipurpose cabinets, pop-up shelves, concealed furniture-cum-cabinetry… .the list is endless.

Kitchen is among the spaces that easily get cluttered because of the sundry items to be stored. So, for a kitchen with limited dimensions, storage can become a tricky business unless all the available space is thoughtfully put to use. The space under the sink is one particular example that oftentimes gets overlooked as a potential storage space, and today's homify article is going to celebrate this space as a wonderful storage area with 10 great ideas.

Take a good look at these lovely ideas and draw inspiration for clever storage sans hogging a lot of floor area. Curious? Read on!

Customized drawers in different sizes—compact storage in a streamlined fashion.

 Kitchen units by John Gauld Photography
John Gauld Photography

Drawer storage for pans next to Aga cooker

John Gauld Photography

Drawers/ baskets as required, in open space under wooden benchtop & sink.

country Kitchen by URBAN GEAR



Utilization of varying depths for rustic convenience.

country Kitchen by ジャストの家



Freely modifiable range of shelves, drawers & baskets—custom arrangement offers ideal storage.

Vertically elongated drawer for hanging utensils—gapless storage in classic warm tones.

classic Kitchen by NAKED Kitchens
NAKED Kitchens

Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

NAKED Kitchens

Diagonal shelving—bottle storage at room temperature is chic AND clever.

scandinavian Kitchen by STUDIO Z

Custom Wine Storage Unit


Handy door shelves—maximal space utilization sans crowding.

asian Kitchen by homify

Modular kitchen corner unit designs


Closet drawers with a curvy format, upon opening the door panels- stylish functional poise.

country Kitchen by NAKED Kitchens
NAKED Kitchens

Intelligent Kitchen Storage Solutions

NAKED Kitchens

Drawers placed in the sink & under the counter, and oven included together in a single unit—built-in convenience.

modern Kitchen by FABRI
Which other innovative storage ideas do you have up your sleeve? Share with us in comments!
modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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