5 Phenomenal bathroom tile combinations

Teresa Choy—homify Teresa Choy—homify
Fontanelle, Arcostudios Arcostudios Modern Bathroom
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As much as time changes, there are certain things that never go out of style. Bathroom tiles are one of them. They are by far the best option to decorate the walls of your bathroom!

What has changed though is the motifs, shapes and combinations of colors, which all come in greater variety nowadays. 

If you are planning to tile up your bathroom, we might have you covered! In this article, we will show you 5 bathroom tile combinations to give you a better idea on what you want. Keep reading and pick out your favourite!

Black and gold: pure glamour

homify Rustic style bathroom Ceramic

Say goodbye to monochromatic walls. What's trending now is the use of different colors and textures. In this design we see here, a black industrial style is combined with golden linings of different patterns to give a glamorous and wild touch to the elegant bathroom.

White and brown: for fans of squared tiles

Fontanelle, Arcostudios Arcostudios Modern Bathroom

Over a decade ago, these tiny squared tiles were used prominently to add a fun touch to bathtubs. In modern time, tiles are no longer limited to only the shower space, but the entire bathroom. The number of color combinations for these small squared tiles is infinite. Remember, always play with different shades of the same color!

In this bathroom, different shades of brown are combined with white tones that cover the entire wall. It gives the room a clear and bright touch, and also blends well with the wooden ceiling and flooring.

Blue: summer nostalgia

El baño de Elena, Diseñadora de Interiores, Decoradora y Home Stager Diseñadora de Interiores, Decoradora y Home Stager Modern Bathroom

If there's a classic color for bathrooms, it's definitely blue. Celestial blue, marine, blue-gray, turquoise or indigo are all colors resembling water. Hence, they are the perfect fit for bathrooms and also swimming pools.

In this example, we have opted for a combination of blue tones to bring out the summer nostalgia when you could enjoy the a relaxing swim at the pool whenever. 

Red and beige: separation of space

Home Appia Antica, CAFElab studio CAFElab studio Industrial style bathroom

Here is a good example using tiles as a means to separate spaces within the bathroom. Red is used as the shower area, while the light beige and white are used in the remaining area of the bathroom.

In addition to the contrast of colors, architects here have also adopted various textures and sizes to the design, giving the bathroom more variable and fun elements.

Warm and cold tones

Badezimmer, Strotmann Innenausbau GmbH Strotmann Innenausbau GmbH Bathroom

In our last proposal, yellow creamy tones are matched with grayish blue to produce a warm and pleasant result. The color combination here does not follow an established pattern and order. Sometimes, it is better to just simply follow your own instincts. 

However, it is wiser to choose the right colors to place on the walls. Make sure you use certain techniques to prevent gaps between the tiles, and also prevent them from breaking because they can be quite fragile.

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