5 prefabricated houses on the outside and inside

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The craze of prefabricated houses is on a high these days. The cost effectiveness and the amount of time that it saves make prefabricated houses a great choice among the young generation. These prefabricated homes are sustainable and energy efficient and are beautiful from the inside, so also a great idea to look up to, in terms of future sustainability.

The materials used to construct the main structure are usually concrete and wood, though there are few projects in steel and other metals.The manufacture is done in modules, which are transported to the site where they are installed. The modules fit each other perfectly offering 100 percent isolation. In this ideabook we have a few prefabricated houses that have all the comfort and style of a conventional house.

1. What is outside…

The first impression that this house gives is that of a small single-family house, something conventional, carried out on site. However, it is a modular construction made of first quality wood taking into account the climatic conditions of the environment. This prefabricated house takes advantage of available resources and reduce the environmental impact. Doesn't it look cute? See these 6 amazing prefab houses that will make you fall in love with them.

… is amplified inside

This prefabricated house that has somewhat conventional structure holds inside it a large space distributed in three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a study and an open plan kitchen. The light color of the walls combines with the darker tone of the pillars and the roof beams, creating a rustic rural environment. The prefab house meets all the requirements of thermal insulation, acoustic and structural resistance, as per the current regulations. Why construct when you can get it installed!

2. A mountain refuge…

Located in a wonderful natural enclave surrounded by mountains, this fabulous house manufactured by the professionals of House Habitat will take you back to the traditional high mountain refuges, while mixing it with a modern style and bringing it closer to single-family homes. The house is protected under bio-climatic criteria that guarantee energy efficiency mainly in winter, by saving on heating.

… with a warm and welcoming interior

Inside this prefabricated home, the ambiance of a mountain cabin becomes even stronger. The wood is visible and combined with more neutral shades with beams of the high ceilings and the walls on the sides.The large windows that open onto the mountains generate a sense of space. In this image of the living room you can see the complete set up with couches and fireplace for complete comfort especially in winters.

3. A single block of wood…

This model of prefab house has been built by mixing gray cement with a coating of wood chipboard and a 12 centimeters thick thermal insulation. All this material covers and wraps the facade and roof of a single modular piece. The wood, both for the interior and exterior, comes from regulated operations that prevent deforestation, to maintain low environmental footprint while making this house. The glazing is formed by triple glasses with double chamber, while the carpentry is made of aluminum and PVC. Thermal bridges in the house are avoided with the help of this insulation system.

… very cute and cozy

Once inside, the appearance and decoration have nothing to do with the simplicity on the outside. The compact exterior now becomes a warm space, very quiet and cozy, dominated by white tones on the walls. A space of 80 cubic meters by 30 square meters of floor comfortably distributes kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom being an ideal project for new couples, or for romantic getaways in search of privacy and tranquility. Like this? In that case you will be fascinated by this stylish prefab and eco-friendly house.

4. On the terrain…

This prefab home was made to order and its designers opted for a modular solution of prefabricated wood. The different modules and their interior equipment were first built in the workshop, then transported and assembled at the site in a very short time, as per the client's requirements. Modular architecture was key in offering the much required flexibility to adapt to the surface of the site and its morphology.

… a module for every need

In the interior the same texture and look is maintained that is on the outside. The texture of the wood with visible joints and grains looks beautiful in this house. Wood is the protagonist here, and is used in the furniture, the walls, the ceilings and the exteriors. Glass enclosures in a wooden framework are used to join the various modules. The space between the modules is habitable and during the hot months it can be used as a summer terrace. Each module is also intended for a different use. See this stunning and affordable prefab house with plans, it will make it so much harder to resist the temptation of a prefab house.

5. Efficient on the outside…

This is one of the models of the Casas Cube. This is a large house that range between 100 and 150 square meters. Installed on a previously established surface whose concrete modules, covered with natural materials, these houses are equipped with the most modern systems and technology. In this prefab house you can get all the comfort, with a level of eco-efficiency far superior to conventional homes. See this pretty prefab house that cost under 19K to build.

… safe and cozy inside

Inside of this house is equipped with all the necessary appliances, a system of electric shutters and is armored with the highest levels of security. The interior layout has a kitchen that looks out onto a large dining room, leaving on its left a wide corridor that will lead you to the rooms and the bathroom. The floor is synthetic wood that imitates the wood, is more durable, requires less maintenance and creates a warm effect for a minimalist interior dominated by white. DO you want to see more prefab houses? See this prefab house, that will help you shrink your carbon footprint.
Are you thinking of a prefabricated house? Make sure to ask this one question to all prefab manufacturers before buying.

Do let us know which prefab house among these did you like the most.

Make sure to ask this one question to all prefab manufacturers before buying. Do let us know which prefab house among these did you like the most.

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