9 country homes to escape to this Winter

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This homify article brings to you 9 wonderful country homes, that offer a comfy bucolic sanctum away from the chilly environs of your plush home sitting in a white snowy blanket. These 9 homes celebrate the house facades particular to the architectural design of specific countries. Making the most of natural materials like wood, stone and energy-efficient details, these dwellings also reflect the master craftsmanship of the architects in tastefully blending contemporary comforts with a traditional style reflective of the country’s culture & home inspiration. These 9 homes are ideal for a getaway this winter, with a warm promise of comfort in refreshing country surroundings with appealing views.

Join us as we embark on this homify tour and take a closer look at these 9 architectural marvels. Here we go!


This simple yet modish double-storey home in Korea offers all modern day comforts in a sober way; the outdoor spaces like the porch, balconies, garden area, and open surroundings complement the designer well-lit interior spaces. The exterior color palette adds copiously to imparting an earthy charm to this chic dwelling enveloped in countryside goodness.


Viewed from the front, this dwelling is a classic Dutch country house. The low-set thatched roof, small windows on the upper level and a spacious outdoor area gracefully narrate a traditional story. The modern white plaster is beautifully contrasted by the dark window frames. On the right, a similar styled outhouse completes the look. The enveloping greenery and rustic poise lend plentifully homey jazz.


This rustic Italian country house made of stone exudes an exquisite snugness. With the terracotta tiles for the roof, & rough unfinished stone exterior, this inviting home offers ample space for lounging in the sunny warmth as you relish barbecued delicacies with the loved ones. The white-framed, slightly tinted windows convey a designer richness with the contemporary essence. Carefully mixing cozy rusticity with comfortable modernity, this abode typically represents housing in the open & naturally endowed Italian countryside.


This passive, energy-efficient, modern house courts absolute comfort in graceful gray tones and generous woody suggestions. Surrounded by lush greens, this Mexican home is full of options for a totally comfortable living with outdoor lounging as well. Expansive glazed surfaces let ample daylight pour in, making the interiors bright. Healthy communication between inside & outside makes the open spaces airy and welcoming.


This wonderful country house is sprawled over a huge area and boasts of a strong natural essence with wood, stone, bricks & terracota tiles. The barn at the rear side is painted black- a commonality shared with Suffolk. The surrounding green lawn runs all around from front to back- a true palliative feature. 


Featuring generous touches of concrete, this colonial country house of Indonesia is attractive with its simple, minimalistic facade and wide arched roof typical of Indonesian architecture. Sitting atop a mountaineous terrain topped with soothing greens, this modest but modern country home boasts of magnificent views all around.


The orange sandstone clad facade of this rustic passive house is adorned with a lush garden around it. The shapes & formats, Zen decor, and slatted wooden details are the charming features of this lovely Japanese country home.


This Singapore cottage is located in a green neighborhood and packs a voguish contemporary punch with a generous dollop of earthy materials. Wide windows ensure that the interiors are bathed in natural light & well ventilated with fresh air.


The sturdy facade of this classic Spanish country house is bedecked with stone; a rough yet charming stone aspect, gravel & concrete passageway through garden, humble exterior palette of neutral hues and stylish reflector windows adorn this decent dwelling nestled in natural goodness. 

Which of these did you zero in on?

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