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Lighting a room is nothing optional, it is a necessity. Especially in the case of dark rooms, with little or no connection to the outside, lighting must be achieved, in addition to electric lamps, using light reflecting decorative elements and the furniture itself. A room can be made brighter depending on the paint on its walls, the color of the floor, the type of curtains you choose, the upholstery of its furniture and also the way in which we distribute that furniture. Using these resources strategically can help you illuminate a room, and make it a place full of life and light. Here are some easy ones for you.

Add light upholstery

An important element that helps increase the brightness of a room is the upholstery of our furniture,  especially the upholstery of the furniture pieces of larger size. These are large colored surfaces that occupy a prominent space in the whole room. That is why you must take great care while choosing the upholstery to achieve the desired aesthetic and chromatic effect in your home. Here the beige upholstery create a lot of space and light in the room. Here are 10 reasons to use beige in your living room.

Japanese panels

A room is considered more or less dark depending on the size of its openings and the orientation of the windows and balconies. Sometimes the small light inputs, that even lead to interior patios, do not contribute much in the illumination of a room. However, there are resources to multiply that light flow. This can be done by choosing the blinds and curtains that allow light through them. Here is a very interesting idea. Resort to Japanese panels. A long wall that only has a small window can be the ideal place to place a large surface of Japanese panels, preferably in light tones, which diffuses the light as it passes through them and makes the room look bright.

A window and a lamp

Here we see a dining room that has no natural light.The only source of light are the small openings in the upper part of the adjoining kitchen. For light to cross the kitchen and reach this other room, the designers made a reform, in which a large window was created, which visually links the kitchen and dining room, but prevents the passage of noise, smoke and aromas. An idea this simple helped light up the room, and to that the designers added this unique and original hanging lamp above the table. Love the rustic look? See a charming rustic home to captivate your eyes with its beauty.

The distribution of furniture

If you imagine the room in this picture without the furniture, perhaps you would think that it was originally an underground room used as a warehouse. However, if you add back the furniture, it totally changes its meaning, and that imaginary dark warehouse becomes bright and full of light. You could achieve all this without touching the architectural elements, only with the installation of the furniture and its distribution. The detail of not sticking the sofa to the wall, gives space to the room, and therefore allows light and bathes the space with the irradiation of color of the bricks painted in broken white and stale. To allow those old bricks to continue to give light, there is only one painting on its surface, and it is a colorful image like all the rest of furniture, sofa, tables and lamp that adds brightness to this white dominated room. See how you can perk up your home with these colorful ideas.

The color of the walls

Observe the photo. What is that one thing that draws attention immediately? Isn't it the large wall painted in a very light blue, a large surface in which only two pictures of black and white photographs. That wall alone illuminates the entire room. We do not see windows, just several lamps. And yet, everything is very bright, this is due to the good combination between that blue on the wall, the white ceiling and the floor of very light wood. The white table and a transparent methacrylate chair and a sofa placed diagonally to the angle of the walls create space in the room to reflect more light. It is undoubtedly a very eclectic look , but above all it is a bright room. Here are 11 amazing ways to decorate your house with white and blue.

A room with a view

What do you do when you have your bedroom in the innermost part of the house and you do not have any windows? It's not a problem, make up a window. Adhesive vinyl gives you the opportunity to transform a wall into whatever you want. Why not create the look of a window with view of your beloved Paris as you can see in the image. Except for the colorful bright cushions, everything is plain simple white reflecting a lot of light, making the room illuminated and bright. Here is how you can make a statement with white.

Can you think of more ways to increase the brightness of your bedroom or living room?

Can you think of more ways to increase the brightness of your bedroom or living room?

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