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Colors add life to a house. They add light, brightness, warmth and beauty to each and every element of the home. Sometimes even the best colors fail to give the desired effect and leave the space seem like it is missing something important. So here is a simple guide for you when you paint your house, to get the best out of the paints and make your walls and furniture make a statement.

Textured Paint

Nextime Rainbow Wall Clock Just For Clocks Living roomAccessories & decoration Glass Multicolored livingroom,bedroom,modern
Just For Clocks

Nextime Rainbow Wall Clock

Just For Clocks

The walls are textured and then the paint is done, which gives an uneven color tone and texture to the wall. The walls are large elements in the house that occupy a lot of area and have a high visual impact. Walls look beautiful in all colors, while the bright colors make the walls stand out and look bold, the light colored walls reflect light and make the room appear bigger and brighter. Here the wall is painted in soft grey color with after creating a texture, creating a beautiful effect of color, with a subtle depth in texture. Textured walls are a great idea for walls. 

Semigloss Finish

Semigloss paint reflects light more than the satin paint, and looks more radiant. Semi gloss paint is highly resistant to moisture, making it ideal to paint the furniture and the walls exposed to moisture, like the walls of kitchen and bathroom. It reflects a lot of light and hence makes even the small space looks bigger and brighter making it a great choice to be used in small spaces. Looking to redo your bedroom walls? Here are 20 incredible wall designs for your bedroom.

Flat Paint

When you want to create a unified atmosphere, you should consider doing a flat paint on the wall as well as the ceiling. Flat paint especially looks great in white and light colors, as it creates an illusion of a bigger space blurring the boundaries between walls, floor and ceiling. In this picture, the white flat painted room is beautifully highlighted by yellow highlights in places with the help of cushions and furniture making it a great idea to copy. See how a flat painted wall could look this beautiful with such simple decoration.

Satin Finish

Christmas '14, Farrow & Ball Farrow & Ball Living room
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

A satin finish has a silky smooth appearance and it emits a pearl line after it dries. Satin paint looks great in both light and dark colors and makes the walls look smooth and silky. Satin paint is great for the walls in corridors, hallways,kids room and laundry rooms as it stands well to washing too, and can be cleaned to a spotless sparkle with soap and water. In this picture, the wall is painted in a beautiful blue color in satin finish making it look absolutely regal.

Glossy Paint

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow. homify Modern Kitchen

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow.


Gloss is what makes bright look super bright and shiny. If you are a fan of shine and shimmer, then glossy is the one for you. Glossy paint has a watery shine that reflects light from the surface. Glossy paint looks great on furniture like stools, wall shelves, bed head rests and give a lacquered look to the furniture. Glossy paint is not recommended for table tops or places where wear and tear is expected, as they are prone to scratches by friction. They should be used on surfaces that are not touched that frequently. In this picture, bright yellow glossy paint is used on the lamp shades and kitchen counter wall, creating a bright and shiny appearance to the kitchen. Here are 32 painted kitchen wall designs, that will inspire you to get a bit creative.

Matte Paint

As a rule of thumb, matte is always easier to maintain than gloss in the long run, and therefore makes a great choice for painting the cupboards and doors of cabinets where the fingers can leave marks often like in the kitchen. Matte paint should also be used on the furniture in the places where you do not want a lot of light to be reflected, e.g. in living room and media room where you would not want light reflecting from the furniture create any images on the screen. In this picture, the kitchen cabinets are painted in grey matte color and beautifully complemented with antique gold handles, making the kitchen look rich yet subtle. See another kitchen in a combination of glossy and matte paint finish.

Apart from paints here are 10 wall ideas for your home.

Hope we could help you with your next painting endeavor. Which finish do you like the most?

Hope we could help you with your next painting endeavor. Which finish do you like the most?

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