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When you love your food, you need to have a lovely dining area too to enjoy it to its full capacity. A warm and bright dining room will make the appetite soar and the food more appetizing. The open plan dining room features an unobstructed sense of space and a seamless connection with other common rooms, thereby increasing the interactivity and the ventilation in the space.

In this ideabook we bring to you we bring to 22 inspiring open planned dining areas that can fit in every home, to make your meal times more cherishable.

1. Simple and Open

A simple design, with simple chairs and plain table in an open space, with overhanging lamps exhibiting minimalist taste.

2. Wood is always trendy

 Wood table lines are always in trend, the upholstered chairs in checkered print and white lighting create an elegant atmosphere.

3. Greyscale

The Gray color gives a cool tone to the dining area, the neat and simple dining table with a bench and modern chairs are consistent with the simple charm of this cool dining area, that can easily double as study.

4. Neutral colors

The dining area next to the living room focuses on a calm dining table, with focus on the hanging lamps in black color, and the colored designer dining chair makes this entire living room look special and bright.

5. Wooden Table

Large wooded table in a wood dominated room almost blends with it, creating an illusion of space and warmth in the room. The curved chairs are a unique element in the decor of this open room, and the simple straight hanging light creates a no obstruction illumination.

6. White elegance

White long table in this large open kitchen, decorated with fresh flowers in subtle colors create a very fresh and soothing dining ambiance. Lot of natural light in the entire hall adds to the openness of the dining area. You would love to see this yet another dining area dominated by white.

7. Dark is beautiful too

Dark wall, with dark wood furniture illuminated with warm lighting does not make the space seem narrow, as one would imagine, rather it makes the whole area appear quite warm and cozy. The black chairs complement the black wall, and the bench is definitely the center of attraction of this open dining space. 

8. Nordic style

Wooden table with grey brown dining chairs against a soft neutral toned wall create a Nordic style open dining room, that looks casual and comfortable.

9. Open to natural light

The plants on the window sill create a natural atmosphere in this otherwise straight and simple dining area that boasts of a simple and small table with straight chairs. The white round chandelier is a lovely detail in this dining area filled with freshness and natural light.

10. Specially tailored chandeliers make the entire dining area look unique and modern

11. Multi-colored chairs

A simple wooden table, surrounded by dining chairs in lively colors add a lot of texture and style to the dining area, making the room look contemporary and informal.

12. Adding contrast

Dark table and light kitchen form a division, and create a nice contrast in the open dining space highlighted by the hanging subtle lamps.

13. Rustic style

Brick wall exudes a sense of rustic simplicity complemented beautifully by wood tables and chairs, giving the entire area a rustic appearance. Here is another lovely looking rustic dining area that will make you change yours immediately.

14. Modern dining area with wooden table never goes out of trend

15. A little quirk

The iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling add a certain quirkiness in the area that makes it look very modern and unconventional. Here are some more unconventional dining spaces to mesmerize you.

16. Neutral and simple

A semi open dining area separated by half a wall to create exclusion, still manages to have the open feeling by virtue of the color combination and lighting.

17. A central round table

The round table exudes a warm reunion atmosphere in the living room, and does not appear obstructing the space, even though it is placed in the center of the room. Here are 7 beautiful round dining tables that you would love to see.

18. Beautiful integration

This dining area is the perfect integration between the kitchen and the living. The unique chandelier just steals the show and becomes a beautiful focal point to the room.

19. Integrating spaces again

The open dining area once again serves as an integrating factor between the kitchen and the living room, the oval wood lighting perfectly matching the wall of the room makes the area look very interesting.

20. Mediterranean style

The white and blues are a signature combination of the Mediterranean style decor, and this dining room is a beautiful example of a subtle inspiration from the Mediterranean world.

21. Casual and neutral

The small and smooth dining table, with simple chairs look like it can fit just anywhere creating a dining area even in no space. The small hanging lights look beautiful complementing the size of the table well.

22. Simple and engaging

This simple dining area is created right inside the living room, and is adds to the beauty and texture of the room with its subtle colors and simplicity. When it comes to dining rooms, ideas have no limits. Here are 40 dining room table ideas to copy from.

Hope you liked these open dining spaces that help integrate the other areas of the house too. Which one is your favorite?

Hope you liked these open dining spaces that help integrate the other areas of the house too. Which one is your favorite?

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