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12 Great ideas for a modest backyard

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Every part of your house has a function of its own. While you are pouring most of your effort in creating the best living interior, you might actually forget about the backyard of your house. There is so much you can do in your backyard, so today we have gathered 12 amazing ideas for you to be inspired. Let's take a look now!

1. Wooden structures

Many of you enjoy elements of nature. Like this backyard, natural wood is used as the primary material of construction. The ceiling, wall and flooring are all filled with the scent of wood, allowing you to connect closely to our natural environment.

2. A fascinating outdoor kitchen

The backyard here also serves as an outdoor kitchen, equipped with a grill oven made of bricks and other wooden aspects to bring out the simplicity of the area. The open space also allows sunlight to penetrate thoroughly. It is the perfect paradise to relax and have a good time.

3. A beautiful and pleasant tent

Our next idea is a beautiful wooden canopy tent that is surrounded by green trees and bushes. Inside the tent is also placed a very comfortable couch in white and gray to compensate its elegant visuals. 

4. A relaxing pool

This refreshing swimming pool is what people look forward to the most during the hot summer. Located right in the backyard, the pool overlooks the stunning views and is decorated to create a sophisticated touch.

5. Zen style

If you like meditating, this zen-styled garden might be your pick. Paved with rocks and decorated with potted plants, a buddhist statue is then placed in the center to produce the perfect quiet spot where you won't bee easily distracted.

6. A mix of rocks and wood

You don't have to spend much on a small backyard to create the same extraordinary outcome. Pave the ground with rocks and place a wooden board above it. Simple yet stylish!

7. An open-style balcony

Here, you can see an open-style balcony furnished with stone-made floorings that look clean and appealing. The L-shaped couch also adds to its modernity. What's more? On the side, you'll see a small grill for barbecue—perfect for families to gather and spend time together!

8. An illuminated stone garden

The backyard here uses wooden boards as a complement to the surrounding stones and bamboos. At night, the lights create an even beautiful and dreamy visual effect.

9. Contemporary style

In order to give your backyard a contemporary touch, you should select furnitures and decorations that fit the style. An example would be to contrast the black couches and chairs with wooden frames. The artistic lamps also make a huge difference to the image!

10. Overlooking the city

This balcony has adopted a gray scheme in its decorations as a whole. Designers then added color and pattern to the cushions and carpet to create vitality to the room. What do you think?

11. Fountain

If your house isn't big enough to install a swimming pool but still wish to add elements of water, you can consider a wall fountain!

12. Camp fire party

Lastly, we have a design that is fun and natural. The fireplace is installed on the ground to resemble a camp fire with cozy vibes. 

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