7 Small bedroom designs by professional experts

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The bedroom is typically a place to sleep and relax so honestly, you don't actually need that much space. The important thing is to make it the most comfortable. It is a worldwide issue to deal with small living spaces nowadays. Hence today, homify has gathered specifically 7 bedroom designs by professional experts all over the world. Let's take a look on how we can save space without reducing the level of comfort! 

1. Vertical utilization

The house which grows up with kids, AIDAHO Inc. AIDAHO Inc. Eclectic style bedroom

Our first proposal is designed by Japanese architectural company, AIDAHO INC. This eclectic bed is made dominantly of wood with various features of a shelf and drawer placed right under the surface where the mattress lies. Part of the shelves are also used as stairs. In the case of small bedrooms, the lack of storage space is often a struggle. Hence to maximize floor space, you might want to think out of the box and start building things vertically.

2. A floating bed

homify Minimalist bedroom

The next bedroom design is produced by Spanish interior design company 2G.ARQUITECTOS. It is quite difficult to give your bed a separate space especially when your bedroom is small. However, the designers here have cleverly introduced a raised platform to give the bed some sense of separation. They also linked the bed structure to the ceiling to make it look like it's floating in the air. The overall design is very impressive and interesting. Moreover, the space under the bed can be used for storage. 

3. Raising the floor

homify Scandinavian style bedroom

The idea here is to raise the floor and place a mattress on top. Drawers are also installed as part of the raised floor to solve the problem of storage. The window right beside the bed is also perfect in giving the room a greater sense of spaciousness. This simple yet practical design is introduced by EIGHTYTWO PTE LTD. from Singapore.


Here is another similar design that utilizes space vertically. Decorated with light wood, the bed structure is filled with drawers to enhance storage space.

4. Foldable bed

Casa AD - Barcelona, IF arquitectos IF arquitectos Eclectic style bedroom

This interesting foldable bed is introduced by Spanish architect company IF ARQUITECTOS. During the day, you can fold and hide your bed when not in use. It is extremely ideal for micro apartments with scarce functional space. At night, you can easily extend the bed out. Brilliant, right?

5. Bed hidden in the cabinet

homify Modern Dining Room

homify Modern Bedroom

This is another hidden and foldable bed design by Brazilian architects BEP ARQUITETOS ASSOCIADOS. A little different from the previous one introduced by the Spanish experts, the bedroom space is used for dining during the day. At night, the cabinet door opens to extend the bed out. If you're not told, you won't even know there's a bed hidden inside!

6. Semi-exposed bedroom

Die Wohnung W und die Bergbuche vom Sonntagshorn, Holzgeschichten Holzgeschichten Modern Bedroom

Our next design is by HOLZEGESCHICHTEN based in Germany. In the case of a studio apartment, it might be difficult to allocate your bed in an entirely enclosed space, so the bedroom will have to be constructed in a partly-exposed format. Designers here have placed a ceiling-high cabinet to serve as a wall. Between the walls is the mattress, with a few extra drawers right under it. Although the space is semi-open, a sense of privacy is effectively achieved.

7. Bedroom made entirely of drawers

Quintana 4598, IR arquitectura IR arquitectura Modern Bedroom Wood White

The last proposal is introduced by Argentine company IR ARQUITECTURA. The bedroom is made entirely of drawers. As seen in the picture, white storage cabinets are connected one with another to create this loft bed. Next to the mattress is also a bookshelf for those who love reading on your bed.

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