Making use of every inch: 21 wardrobe ideas you cannot miss

Teresa Choy—homify Teresa Choy—homify
Интерьер DG, INT2architecture INT2architecture Nursery/kid’s room
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Are you looking for a new wardrobe? Choosing one that matches the bedroom while fulfilling your own taste is difficult, especially when houses nowadays are very small and limited in space. Modern designers, therefore, have come up with new storage solutions to increase the house’s practicality and storage space. If you have a lot of clothes and junk in your house, you might want to keep reading as we have prepared 21 wardrobe ideas that’ll inspire. Let’s take a look now!

1. Mounted wardrobe with sliding-door

homify Modern Kitchen

Making use of every inch in the house, our first wardrobe design is mounted into the walls to save as much space as possible. It also adopts the concept of a sliding door so you won’t have to worry about putting anything in front of it.

2. Around the bed

Интерьер DG, INT2architecture INT2architecture Nursery/kid’s room

The second proposal here utilizes the area surrounding the bed, transforming it into wardrobes and bookshelves to increase storage space.

3. Mirror mirror on the wardrobe

homify Modern Bedroom Accessories & decoration

Here, the surface of the wardrobe is also a mirror. Not only does it give the room a sense of openness, its wooden theme also brings a natural touch.

4. Black and white


A plain black and white scheme is adopted for this design. It creates a rather simple and clean style but is full of personality.

5. Walk-in closet

İç mekan tasarım ve Görselleştirme, fatih beserek fatih beserek Modern Bedroom

Add a wall partition to your bedroom to create a hidden walk-in closet behind! It also makes your room a lot more organized and tidy.

6. Under the stairs

Urla B.T Evi, BAGO MİMARLIK BAGO MİMARLIK Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

The area below the staircase is often neglected. So much can be used for that space so turn it into a drawer like the one you see here. Brilliant, right?

7. Moderate in size

homify Modern Bedroom

The wardrobe doesn’t have to be big. The key is to have enough drawers for storage, then you’ll be able to put all your clothes in it!

8. Wardrobe as partition

home LM, Lemayr Thomas Lemayr Thomas Minimalist bedroom

Designers here have used the wardrobe as a partition to divide the area within the house. It gives your bedroom a more independent and private space.

9. In the corner

Cabina armadio..., LA BOTTEGA DEL FALEGNAME LA BOTTEGA DEL FALEGNAME Mediterranean style bedroom

The corner of your room is perfect for storage, so why not place a wardrobe there?

10. In the hallway

homify Modern Dressing Room Wood-Plastic Composite White

Our next design makes use of the hallway to save space. Both sides are transformed into a wardrobe and drawer—creating a very useful entrance to your bedroom.

11. Under the bed

Main space homify Eclectic style bedroom

A bed can also be given more purposes other than for sleeping. You can build drawers below your bed to store your belongings and clothes. It doesn’t take up any extra space in your room either!

12. Next to the TV


Do you like watching TV? If you do, why not include some extra drawers next to it to put your TV essentials!

13. Layer of platforms

Vestidor, fabrè fabrè Minimalist dressing room

The corner of a room can be tricky, but this L-shaped layer of platforms are a very smart way to utilize space. What do you think?

14. The attic

Çatı katı alanınızı genişletin, CABINET CABINET Modern Study Room and Home Office Glass

Don’t underestimate this little space at the attic. You can transform it into a hidden-style wardrobe or cabinet to enhance storage!

15. Wall of wardrobes

Yatak Odası Uygulamalarımız, Akdeniz Dekorasyon Akdeniz Dekorasyon Modern Bedroom

This design exaggeratedly transformed the entire bedroom into a wall of wardrobes. If you have too much stuff in your house, this might be the one!

16. A disguise


This pure white sliding wardrobe disguises itself as a wall, while the storage space is hidden right behind those doors. Its subtleness gives the room a clean and tidy feel.

17. Glass doors

homify Modern Dressing Room

A wardrobe with glass doors can increase the room’s transparency. At the same time, it reflects a modern and stylish touch.

18. Royal theme

homify Modern Bedroom

For those who are a fan of luxurious royal themes, you will definitely fall in love with this extravagant wardrobe!

19. Behind your bed

DUHESME, Géraldine Laferté Géraldine Laferté Scandinavian style bedroom

The area behind your bed can be transformed into very useful storage space. All you need to add is a suitable lighting design to highlight your decorations!

20. Different shades of the same color

MUEBLES JUVENILES ABATIBLES, Muebles Parchis. Dormitorios Juveniles. Muebles Parchis. Dormitorios Juveniles. Modern Bedroom Beds & headboards

Using different shades of the same color can enhance the room’s harmony. Here, the room and wardrobe are unified through the same color scheme.

21. Finally

Azure Villaları 3 Odalı İkiz Dubleksler, Estateinwest Estateinwest Modern Bedroom

Last but not least, we have this pre-installed wardrobe that is mounted into the walls to give the room more openness. After going through all 21 designs, which one is your favourite? Let us know!

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