7 Amazing houses built into nature

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For those who live in the hustling city, you might dream to one day live among the green nature in the rurals. However, despite your love for nature, there can sometimes be limitations. If you have a choice, you would want to opt for somewhere with an open landscape where you can enjoy a breath of nature any second. Combined with the modern elements of living, today we will bring you on a tour to these 7 houses that might fulfill your dream. Let’s begin!

1. Fairytale house

Casa Amancay Ι San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén. Argentina., Patagonia Log Homes - Arquitectos - Neuquén Patagonia Log Homes - Arquitectos - Neuquén Single family home Wood Wood effect

Our first proposal is a two-storey rustic house that looks exactly like it came out of a fairytale. The gray roof matches beautifully with the wooden facades; the nicely decorated front yard is also complemented by stone pavements that will guarantee visitors a very decent and sophisticated impression.

2. Red and white

Annapolis Renovation/Addition, ARCHI-TEXTUAL, PLLC ARCHI-TEXTUAL, PLLC Modern Houses

Let’s take a look at this uniquely-shaped house that is coated in red and white. The large windows on the sides create a good sense of openness and allows its residents to connect to the outside nature.

3. Artistic look

homify Modern Houses

This stone house will leave any passerby awestruck. The artistic appearance is created by combining colorful stone materials into cement to form the walls. The result is visually impressive. The large floor-to-ceiling windows will also help distribute sunlight into the house and allow you to enjoy the amazing scenery any time.

4. Fashionable style

homify Eclectic style houses

The light gray roof and white facades contrast each other softly to create a very stylish and fashionable look. The second floor of the house has also adopted a balcony for you to admire your surrounding view from above.

5. Tropical vibes

RESIDÊNCIA LITORAL - PINHAL / RS, daniel villela arquitetura daniel villela arquitetura Rustic style house

Our next example is a house that brings tropical vibes. The asymmetrical and slanted roof will catch your eye immediately. Painted in warm brown tones, a very relaxing and healing atmosphere is created for a perfect stress-free life.

6. Open and ventilated

Ville prefabbricate in legno eleganti ed ecologiche, Novello Case in Legno Novello Case in Legno Modern Houses Wood

This two-storey building is designed for an open and exposed living. The wooden window frames blend perfectly with the white facades, allowing you to experience a very family-like atmosphere. The big and open porch also regulates ventilation to bring an even more relaxing feeling.

7. Two-color series

Remodelación y Ampliación de Casa MR2 en Valdivia por NidoSur Arquitectos, NidoSur Arquitectos - Valdivia NidoSur Arquitectos - Valdivia Single family home

For our last proposal, the designers created a very alluring visual touch by adopting a two-color series. The wooden exterior on top contrasts softly with the white bricks below to produce a defined order of space. The overall appearance of the house also blends with its surrounding nature perfectly.

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