9 household items your guests will notice right away (and 9 things they don't)

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Hosting guests in your home might be an exhausting and nerve-racking experience. Even before they arrive there's a large chunk of time that is dedicated to cleaning, making sure everything is spic and span, and of course- guest ready! Save yourself some stress and time by focusing only on the areas your guests will actually notice. Have you ever wondered which household items your guests will notice right away and which ones they won't? We've curated this list with a little help from the professionals that encapsulates just that!

1. Cluttered dressing tables

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The mess is when you dress! Messy dressing tables stem from rushed attempts to locate intricate items such as jewelry, make-up, and everyday essentials. While, of course, the scurrying through might not be completely avoidable, the aftermath of the mess is! Be sure to quickly spend a minute or two cleaning your dressing table before you set out for your day.

2. Dirty kitchen floors

Kitchen floors are subject to fallen vegetable peels, splattered oil, trails of food, and the list trails on as the crevices of your floor demonstrates. It is important to pay equal attention to the kitchen floor as the counter top or stove when entertaining because you can never tell where the inquisitive eye can wander.

3. A scummy bathroom

Bathrooms, too deserve special mention as you don't want to render your guests uncomfortable with a messy loo. It definitely is a bit of an entertaining disaster when your guests are left avoiding using your bathroom because it has water stains on the tap, pot and shower screen- or worse!

4. Dirty towels

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Towels develop a musty smell that comes about from being damp for a considerable amount of time without proper air circulation. It is important to frequently change your towels and replace them with freshly scented washed ones.

5. A messy dining table

If you're going to entertain, then the dining table is the first place you should begin cleaning. When pressed for time, one might resort to merely running a cloth over the table leaving behind minute food or dust particles. Pay closer attention to detail when cleaning your table.

6. Unkempt upholstery

Upholstery too needs to be brushed and changed from time to time to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. Be sure to dry the cushions and pillows of your couch out in the sun from time to time so that you can avoid the embarrassment that comes with unkempt upholstery when entertaining.

7. A fridge with food that has gone bad

The fridge is home to a mixture of odors, most of which are quite difficult to differentiate. Having said that, there's a distinct stench that associates itself with food that has gone bad which you need to watch out for. Frequently clean out your refrigerator and get rid of food items you no longer require.

8. Messy wine cabinets

Messy wine cabinets can also raise an eyebrow or two when opened. To avoid this be sure to clean the wine cabinets and make sure that you've got a decent stock of alcohol if your entertainment calls for it. The last thing you'd want is to run out of wine at a fine wine and dine!

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9. Unmade beds

Unmade beds bring down the appeal of your bedroom by a degree so large that your decor and design would play second fiddle to. A neatly maintained bedroom with the covers spread and the bed made makes quite the statement.

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1. Linens you've had for a while (Things your guests won't notice!)

Moving on to things your guest won't notice. First on the list is bed linens that you've had for quite sometime. Even if your bed linens are old, it does not matter as long as they are in good shape and look presentable.

2. A smattering of toys

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Toys might lie helter skelter in your home, but it's the sheer number of them that matters. A couple strewn here and there might not be significant to raise eyebrows. If they are all over the place, however, you might need to do some cleaning.

3. Unarranged books

In some cases, attention to detail does not boil down to matters of the T. You can skip past organizing the books on your shelf if time doesn't provide for it. It is seldom that guests scrutinize the arrangement of the books, however, make sure that your shelves are dusted.

4. A little dust

Unexpected guests might call for a very on the surface tidying and cleaning that might not allow for showcases and wall paintings to be dusted. A slight amount of dust on them is completely alright, but this is only made possible if you regularly dust your house!

5. Spotless mirrors

No one's really looking for spotless shiny mirrors in the bathroom which might not even be a possibility given your busy work schedule. As long as you've got the water stains out, no one's really going to complain.

6. Messy bedroom (as long as you keep it out of sight)

A messy bedroom might be completely okay if you can conceal it from your guests. Bedrooms on the top floor or bedrooms that you know your guests aren't going to visit can be kept as messy as you like! If there is a change in plan however, make sure you've got a good excuse in handy!

7. Unfinished DIY projects

If you're someone who undertakes a lot of DIY projects, it's only natural to have them in an unfinished state. Worry not about showcasing them, because there's a good chance your guests won't even notice it's a work in progress.

8. Every tiny nook and cranny.

You could get a free get out of jail pass when it comes to the tiny nooks and crannies of your home. As long as everything on the surface is presentable, you shouldn't have to worry about the interiors nestled below- like perhaps the cabinets beneath the sink.

9. Orientation of items in the bathroom

How you arrange the items in your bathroom is left entirely up to you. You can be as creative or organized as you like and no one's going to stop you!

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