11 Staircases built beyond its purpose

Teresa Choy—homify Teresa Choy—homify
獨立書店:浮光, Z+SQUARE DESIGN / 正工設計 Z+SQUARE DESIGN / 正工設計 Commercial spaces
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The purpose of a staircase is for you to pass and reach another space. Yet in recent years, these stairways have gone beyond the idea of a passage—but also as a decorative element in interior design. In today’s article, we will introduce you to 11 beautiful staircases of various designs that will definitely suit your taste. Let’s take a look now!

1. A simple white staircase

【微米平方】兩人一貓的幸福寓所 Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space. - A couple and a cat, double happiness., 一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design 一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs

The first house we’ll be looking at is where a sweet couple and their cat live. A loft was created purposely for the cat—complemented by a white staircase with wooden steps and steel railings that are simple yet stylish.

2. A futuristic stairway

東區住宅, 齊禾設計有限公司 齊禾設計有限公司 Modern Study Room and Home Office

The futuristic stairway takes advantage of metal and glass materials to create a cool sense of space as if the steps are floating in the air. Moreover, you can make good use of the empty space below the steps for storage.

3. Attention to details

homify Modern Living Room

If you think the corner of the stairs look too bland, simply put a flower vase or any decorations to liven up the space!

4. An Eastern touch

新東方-梯間 大不列顛空間感室內裝修設計 Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs

This staircase presents itself in Eastern style with traditional patterns and touchups. Its old-fashioned elements are balanced with clean modern finishes. Under the steps is also a large storage cabinet to facilitate the use of space.

5. A staircase in industrial style

獨立書店:浮光, Z+SQUARE DESIGN / 正工設計 Z+SQUARE DESIGN / 正工設計 Commercial spaces Commercial Spaces

The metallic stairway tracing its way up the rustic brick wall is a good representation of the industrial style. The black metals are also a perfect fit for vintage interiors.

6. A staircase with a great flow of movement

homify Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs

This elegantly folded staircase gives off a natural sense of rhythm. The delicate curves blend seamlessly with the white wall and wooden flooring too.

7. Pure white as the protagonist

Four season house, 夏沐森山設計整合 夏沐森山設計整合 Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

The minimalist, decor-free staircase is ideal for modern homes with a pure white color scheme. The use of black-colored metal railings provide a touch of contrast without overwhelming the overall picture.

8. A staircase that is calm and simple

自然。隱逸 - 北歐風格 有容藝室內裝修設計有限公司 Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs

These wooden staircase doesn’t look exceptionally special, but its simple designs give a sense of stability and calmness, which is well-suited to almost any styles.

9. A staircase by the bookshelf

House toward Sky 鍾宅, 構築設計 構築設計 Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

In this design, you can see a very large bookshelf installed right beside the stairs. The designers have taken into account the elements of fun when they came up with this idea to climb up the stairs to reach the top shelves.

10. An exposed passageway

空間轉換 前置建築 Preposition Architecture Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

The staircase here is barely covered which allows you to display your collections and decorations along the way up.

11. A natural interior

內湖-公園錄, 唯創空間設計公司 唯創空間設計公司 Living room

It is important to build a staircase that fits the surrounding environment. In this design by 唯創空間設計公司, a television set is placed right under the staircase to take up the awkward space below and produce a better balance.

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