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14 Self-build two-storey houses that’ll inspire

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Self-build houses hold infinite charms—one including the ability to participate directly in its planning and design until it’s completed. Hence, the sense of achievement and satisfaction tend to be different from buying an already-made house. Although self-build allows you to personally select the materials to use and the appearance you’d like, the complexity of the process still remains very high. Because of this, we strongly recommend you to consult experienced professionals to help save time and effort. 

Of course, before you reach out to experts, it is essential to first know what you want. If you are now wondering what kind of shape and appearance you’d like for your house, this article might serve as a guide for you. We have prepared 14 excellent examples of self-build houses with two storeys that are ideal for families. Keep reading and get inspired!

1. A facade in rustic style

The coffee-brown facades seamlessly blends with the surrounding greens without any contrasting touch. This self-build house is made up almost entirely of bricks, which gives it a distinctive rustic style that matches with the nature.

2. A small but luxurious country house

homify Modern Houses

Despite its location in the countryside, this single-family house presents itself with extravagance and luxury. The 150 square meter house is small but just enough to suit a medium-sized family.

3. A balcony with multi-purposes

The beige-colored facades give off a friendly vibe. The balcony on the second floor can also serve for practical purposes like drying clothes, or be used simply as a relaxing space.

4. A combination of materials

Looking at it from a distance, the house is covered in nothing but white. But if you take a step closer, you will find out how experts have incorporated stones into its design to create a layering effect and sense of depth.

5. For the laid-backs

The walls of this self-build house are painted in moderate colors for those who have a rather laid-back personality. The appearance of the house is also very simple yet functional.

6. An exotic touch


The unique shapes of the roof give the house a very exotic touch. If you look closely, you can also discover how the wood and cement are combined together to form an interesting layer.

7. Mix of traditional and modern


Combining both traditional and modern elements, you might want to consider a self-build house that consists of a mixture of styles like this.

8. A castle-like house

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to self-build houses. So if you are a fan of fairytale-like castles, invite a professional expert to help make your childhood dream come true!

9. Interesting lines

homify Single family home

Although this house presents itself in a simple square-shaped structure, its vertical and horizontal lines on the facade make the house stand out and look more interesting.

10. An asymmetrical roof

If you wish to self-build, you might want to step out of your comfort zone and try something atypical. For instance, this house is shaped asymmetrically yet it’s what makes it very charismatic.

11. An element of surprise

First glance, the house looks rather dull due to its gray facades. But if you take another look, the beautiful handcrafted gate at the entrance show that everything was intended.

12. A house in classic style

The classicality of the house is presented through its beige and white color theme. Complemented with a red tiled roof, the attractiveness is enhanced.

13. Ordinary but complex

The house here uses bricks and cement to produce an ordinary yet complex appearance. The gray tile roof also strengthens its sense of depth and layer.

14. A chic and elegant style

homify Country house

The exterior of the house is made dominantly of stones and rocks, which are probably the best materials to for a chic and elegant style.

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