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​Christmas Inspiration: The Tree LOMBOK Living room
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'Tis the season to decorate your home with a festive flair, but if you aren't sure what style to go for or which colors to use, it's homify to the rescue with a fun and rather quirky idea! We know that interior designers are nothing short of geniuses when it comes to Christmas decor and while they might not have thought about taking inspiration from zodiac signs before, we like to think they will, after this! 

To give your elegant living room a bit more pizazz this Christmas time, come with us now as we tell you which colors and motifs are thought to be an accurate representation of your star sign. This is just for fun though, so don't worry if you prefer a different sign's ideas!

1. Cancer.

​Christmas Inspiration: The Tree LOMBOK Living room

​Christmas Inspiration: The Tree


It's all about creating a cozy and snug festive den for anyone born under the sign of Cancer, which is why a real tree and glittering decorations are a great bet! You don't need to go raiding your perfectly coiffed garden for a tree though, just pop to your local garden center!

2. Leo.

Characterized as being one of, if not THE, most bold star signs, Leo's will always want to make a real splash in terms of Christmas decorating. Big trees and bright red ornaments will really tap into a look that is fit for any king!

3. Virgo.

A touch of minimalism always seems to work well in a Virgo household, which is why sparse ornaments, in a neutral color will always look the part. White decorations and a similarly furnished table will really appeal to the simple and unfussy Virgo taste!

4. Libra.

The sign that is most connected to balance, Libra naturally denotes a good level of symmetrical design and that can be easily applied to Christmas! An artificial tree, with lights already added and a few shimmering ornaments will work well. Silver is a particularly appropriate color and decorations will usually be hung in multiples of an equal number.

5. Scorpio.

No sign loves a touch of luxe quite like Scorpio, which is why full trees, packed with a host oflarge and incredibly beautiful decorations will be the perfect choice. You'll nearly always want to add some swathes of organza ribbon and we thinkthat gold is the ideal color scheme to choose.

6. Sagittarius.

Naturally eclectic and creative, anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius will want to push the boat out in terms of more unusual Christmas decorating styles, which is why a metal tree could be perfect! Contemporary, funky and impossible to ignore, the boldness of the design will work so well and add some homemade decorations and you'll have an incredible look.

7. Capricorn.

You guys are a sentimental bunch and as such, we normally see more traditional trees and Christmas decorations in place! Large trees with elegant white lights and a heady mix of traditional ornaments will look ideal, especially if you go for recognizable old school colors, such as red and gold together.

8. Aquarius.

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living room
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

Never ones to take the standard or boring path, Aquarius' love a more funky and colorful Christmas decorating scheme and we know that bright hues will play a huge part in your scheme. In fact, we doubt you have a color scheme in mind, but instead, will fill a tree with every color bauble under the sun!

9. Pisces.

 Zen. That's the guiding force for Pisces Christmas tree! Not only will the tree have a very prescriptive and chic color scheme, often cool metallics, but the gift wrap will always coordinate as well, to create a really seamless and striking scheme. Silver or champagne gold will definitely be at the top of your color list!

10. Aries.

Now then. Aries' are a fun bunch that really get into the Christmas spirit, with trees tat look as though they are struggling under the weight of all the gorgeous ornaments! Fun colors are consistently selected, with red and white being particularly popular, but in the form of cute and quirky baubles.

11. Taurus.

Christmas Lifestyle M&S Living room

Christmas Lifestyle


Some might call you stubborn, but we prefer to focus on your steadfast appreciation of nature as your key characteristic! Natural Christmas decorations will always be your favorite, with driftwood wall hangings and soft colors on your tree. We don't think you'd sniff at some raffia ribbon either, or a little hessian!

12. Gemini.

Christmas Lifestyle M&S Living roomAccessories & decoration

Christmas Lifestyle


You romantic bunch! Natrally, you're drawn to the pretty, more traditionally feminine colors and at Christmas, we think this will translate into a white tree with pink and silver additions. We also think there will be a good dose of soft textiles, such as velvet. How lovely!

For more Christmas inspiration, take a look at this article: 20 modern Christmas tree alternatives.

So...did you like the scheme we came up with for your star sign?

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