18 brilliant ideas for smart space-optimization in small apartments

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For those of us who are living in a small home, accommodating all the belongings & accessories in a visually sound manner oftentimes poses a big challenge. A home lower on dimensions mandates utilization of every available nook & cranny in as appealing a way as possible so that the neat accents contribute to pimping up the dwelling (particularly when elaborate decor is not an option).

With the increasing paucity of space, contemporary home professionals are resorting more & more to out-of-the-box ideas for furnishing elements, in order to lavish the maximum possible practicality to the different living spaces. Be it any style of home design, a bit of creativity is a sure-shot way to add a WOW factor, when done thoughtfully. Lately, many useful solutions like multifarious elements, integrated spaces and multipurpose spaces are being explored to fulfil the client’s wish alongside lending a chic touch of utility.

This homify story offers you 18 wonderful ideas to make the most of the spaces in small apartments, that blend creativity, practical poise & visual appeal to extend amazingly inspirational functional areas. Curious? Let us have a closer look!

1. Ingenious furniture disappearing into the wall- this entire workstation can be pulled out of the closet as required.

2. Tailored convenience in floor-to-ceiling format, like this cabinet here… ..

3. Exploiting the high ceilings for a variety of functions- height of usability!

4. Natty wall niches add valuable space with the mirror creating an illusion of a larger area.

5. Versatile storage for tidy practicality- Stash away your delicates neatly as you enjoy your favorite sitcom on the idiot box!

6. Seamless fluidity between functional areas- integrated openness is the clever way out.

7. Flexible fronts for a prim utilitarian surprise- this mini kitchen neatly retreats behind the cabinet doors.

8. Floating elements like this bright washbasin counter save floor space while adding visual flair.

9. Vibrantly painted pallet frames screwed onto the wall- quick & easy DIY to house all kinds of small accessories.

10. Plenty of room for sundry items- this stairway-cum-cabinetry nails it in eclectic style.

11. Modern room divider packs a solid punch of functional allure loaded with storage sass.

12. Underbed convenience rings in ample tidiness- just look at this bed oozing practicality!

13. Tapping into the slope of clever usefulness- this window-side seating area offers luminous heartiness while the dresser utilizes the corner wall.

Kitchenette homify Modern Kitchen



14. Greenish transparency of glass sliders for clean separation of spaces- sliding elegance bedecks fluid transitions.

15. Charmingly concealed furniture- this table with wheels can be easily hidden in the closet as well as pulled out as required.

16. Creating an illusion of depth- interesting door design for a pleasing visual effect.

17. Making use of the corners- these minimalist kitchen drawers convey a truly genius designer functionality.

18. A vertical library solution for graceful stacking- what do you think about this neat little arrangement?

Which other innovative optimization ideas do you have up your sleeve? Share with us in comments!

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