10 modern garage doors to really finish your build

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Modern garage doors can be all that you need to make a functional but boring garage that whole lot more striking, eye-catching and stylish. We want you to stop thinking of your car parking options as a simple addition to your otherwise outrageously lovely family home and start seeing them for what they really can be: a valuable part of your façade aesthetic. Ask any respected architects that love a bold and beautiful finish and they'll tell you that taking the time to select something more exciting than base options will really lift your entire driveway, so whether you look to include some fabulous metal garage door models or some really gorgeous wooden varieties, you'll love the impact! Let's check out some of our favorite styles.

1. Stately and regal.

Metallic garage door designs are all well and good, but we want to start with some seriously beautiful wood! The long slats of this door look beautifully organic and create a far more opulent and impressive finish than cheaper alternatives. With a double garage in place, you want a more regal door.

2. The warmest of woods.

Wow! The richness of this warmer wood variety is undeniable and when you add in a little feature window in the centre, there is a BIG impact! It really makes the garage stand alone as a valuable feature, rather than just an add-on that hasn't been given as much thought as the rest of the house.

3. Striking and singular.

As modern metal garage doors go, this one might be our favorite! Wide, simple and finished in black, it has a majestic and stalwart aesthetic that really creates a feeling of security. Also, black is timeless, so you'll never get bored of the color and want to swap it out for something else. This is an investment!

4. All-out eclectic style.

If you know you aren't keen to follow the masses and have an aesthetic that is all your own, we want to shout BRAVO! More than that though, we want you to embrace that unique take on exterior finishes and extend them to your garage! Bright colors, cut-outs, lighting and amazing materials are all yours for the taking, so a custom garage door could be a great option for you.

5. Club tropicana!

If your garage is a little less formal and more of a stylish carport, why not add a touch of security and style with a rattan roof and a natural wood sliding door? This would be a great option for anyone in a sunnier part of the world and would give a far less structured but still gorgeous look.

6. Folding and fabulous.

When budget is a consideration, as it is for most people, folding fabric doors are a terrific alternative to standard metal or wood doors. The fabric will need to be waterproof and durable, but you'll love the variation in terms of color and even patterns.

7. Style on style on style!

Garage façade FG ARQUITECTES Modern Garage and Shed

Garage façade


If you have more than one garage, you need to think about consistency and style on a larger scale and that's when striated wood really does come into its own. Great en masse, it is also a fantastic way to add a little warmth and definition to what could be a featureless car block otherwise.

8. Automated and amazing.

Nobody wants to have to get out of the car, especially when the weather is unpleasant, in order to open the garage doors, which is why automated options are amazing! At the simple push of a button, on a remote control that can be kept in your car, the doors will simply open up and let you drive straight in. Genius!

9. Industrial simplicity.

Simple and unfussy iron garage door models have a charm and style all of their own in the sense that they really do give rise to a more industrial and functional aesthetic. Iron tends to be heavy, so you will need a sturdy hanging mechanism, but that adds to the more stripped back look even more. Your security will be taken up a notch too, so that's an added bonus.

10. Residential perfection.

If you've decided to forgo a traditional garage in favour of parking on your driveway, at least add some garage-esque doors, to keep everything secure and tucked away, out of sight. We love these sliding gates that give you the feel of a locked garage, but without the need for a new building. 

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