Say goodbye to stress around the home with these tips

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We do not need any professional experts to certify that in the modern times, our lives are more stressful than ever, with our mundane tensions taking over. Overwork & consequent stress makes it hard for us to find time to unwind & relax when we get home.

It is medically proven that stress can have detrimental health effects and therefore, it is essential to de-stress, unwind and relax especially once you are out of your office. It is advisable to switch off your mobile, put off any work-related thoughts and put your mind on a complete recharge mode.

Everyone has a different way of blowing off steam and finding relaxation after a hectic day of work. Some of us simply dump work-related stuff in the mudroom closet & forget about it till next morning while some get comfy by slipping out of work clothes & into their favorite tees & shorts. Some head straight to the bar for a cold beer or a glass of wine, while some feel snug just by ordering in and relishing it with a romantic flick & their furry companion in their choicest room.

This homify story is all about such simple yet very effective tools for de-stressing, that work wonders to make you feel relaxed & rejuvenated. Take a look, try them out and feel the difference!

1. DO NOT bring your work home- Steer clear of carrying your office into your home literally AND figuratively.

2. Declutter your way to organized cleanliness- coming home to neat & tidy spaces is a BIG stressbuster.

3. An aromatic soak in the bathtub or an invigorating quick shower- pick your favorite to wash away that stress.

4. Engross yourself in an interesting read or let your hair down with a musical treat.

5. Keep up with the household chores- sight of an overflowing pile of dirty laundry or a sink full of dirty dishes adds to the stress.

6. A good night's sleep is a MUST- ensure a regular bedtime routine in tranquil comfort & at the perfect temperature.

7. Enjoy the outdoors- Make the most of the natural light & fresh air to recharge your mind AND your body.

Which ones did you pick to try out?

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