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Ax extra cozy apartment of Scandinavian style

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Modern Living Room by 달달하우스 Modern
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I believe anyone can relate to the happiness you get when you finally bought your own house. But buying a house is only the beginning. To renovate it, you’ll need to pay even more money and effort. However if you think about it, this is the place where you will be living in for maybe 10, 20 years or more. Hence in the long-term, investing in your house might not be a bad idea afterall. 

Today, Homify will take you to Seoul, Korea where you will be introduced to a unique Scandinavian apartment remodelled by interior architects Domal House. Pay attention to its unordinary designs and get inspired!

A charismatic Scandinavian interior

Stepping into the house, let’s first take a look at the living room. The overall interior is designed in modern Nordic style with a slight twist. The layout and structure of the house is different from what we normally see in a house, giving it more individuality and charisma. Let’s take a closer look now!

An ordinary but unique living room

The common area of the apartment is shared among the living room and kitchen, like many ordinary houses we see in the market. However, what’s special here is the additional space in between the living area and kitchen. This connected yet separated ‘room’ allows you to enjoy some quiet time alone with a cup of tea or book. It is definitely a unique design you can consider for your own place!

The ‘room’ between the kitchen and living area

Have an even closer look at this ‘special room’. This enclosed area is surrounded by a wall separating it from the kitchen, but a small part is left exposed to allow light pass through. The idea is to create a sense of separation and connection at the same time. 

The inside of the room is styled with a simple white sofa and an IKEA Alseda stool to give a breezy relaxed vibe. Complemented by cushions and a coffee tray, this exclusive area will guarantee you some nice me-to-me time alone.

An attractive cafe-like living room

The living room overflows with the charm of a cafe. The brick walls especially will remind you of a coffee shop interior. The designers here have opted for soft white-colored and wooden furnitures to balance off the rough textures on the wall and ceiling, which are significant elements of a Scandinavian house

A colorful kitchen interior

Differing from the living room, the kitchen is lined with patterned floor tiles that give more diversity and color. Similarly though, it still follows the theme of white and wood to maintain a clean and chic atmosphere. The center of attraction here is no doubt the floor tiles. Here, the designers opted for rather complicated patterns, but unified them in monocolor to produce a more consistent look.

A comfortable and convenient working space

This kitchen is the perfect demonstration of a comfortable and convenient working space. The fridge, sink, countertop and stove are all lined within a close range to create an efficient cooking environment. In addition, they have included the washing machine and dryer under the countertop to save even more space within the house.

A peaceful bedroom

The white-themed bedroom is designed to deliver a sensuous and calm ambience—a place where your tired body and mind can relax and heal. Hanging down from the ceiling is a simple pendant light bulb, along with a grey-pink curtain behind to give the white-dominant room a bit of a contrast. The clean bedding, geometric rug, and cushion sofa are all elements of Scandinavian style where serenity is portrayed.

A distinctive bathroom with its own style

The bathroom is covered entirely in white to make the area look more spacious than it is. The bottom edges are then finished with black tiles to produce a more evident boundary between the wall and the floor. Standing showers are found in majority of the Korean houses, and are often in a shared area with the sink and toilet. So in order to have more privacy when you shower, the designers have added a shower curtain as a form of separation.

An entrance that will leave you a fun impression

Lastly, we have arrived at the entrance hall. I’m sure the first thing that caught your attention is the bright yellow wall, matched by a black shoe holder and front door. Opposite of it, you can find a fully white cabinet that contrasts to the rest of the colored elements. The floor is also constructed in squared tiles of different colors and textures, adding to the overall fun impression.

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