17 ideas to give your garden the stunning look it deserves

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A well-maintained and aesthetic garden doesn’t just appeal to the senses, but it can be a great place to relax, chat with loved ones, meditate and connect with nature. And there’s always some way you can make it look better. So check out these 17 ideas and find out the ones that inspire you. From colourful flowers and beautiful planters to vertical garden and Zen garden, you will be spoilt for choices.

Beautiful vertical garden

This unique vertical garden was composed by hanging pots of colourful flowers against old shutters. Very ingenious!

Vibrant flowers in a wheelbarrow

A hand truck filled with colourful flowers looks charming always! It will be a quaint touch for your garden.

Potted greens

Lively green bushes in elegant pots like the ones shown here is a great way to add colour to garden walls.

Charm of clay pots

The earthy colour of clay pots can add warmth and cosiness to the smallest and dingiest of gardens.

Stylish garden paths

Garden paths help you to walk around your garden easily without stepping on the soil or grass. And they look beautiful too. Credit for this garden goes to the interior architects at Lucia Vale Interiores.

Antique bench

Old wooden benches like these can add much comfort as well as class to any garden.

Ultramodern garden

This modern garden uses sleek lines, a concrete bench and concrete planter and pretty cacti for a tasteful look.

Light the fire

A bonfire in the garden can take the space to another level of style altogether. Plus, the fire will be great on cold evenings.

Stylish hammock

A single trendy hammock can add a whole new edge to your garden and offer the scope of ample relaxation.

A corner to enjoy nature

Beautifully manicured green grass and a pebbled pathway make this garden beautiful. But the wooden bench flanked by potted shrubs is perfect for resting and enjoying nature.

Tropical splendour

To make a tropical garden like this one, all you need are some lush ferns, palms, bamboo and other tropical foliage.

When maintenance is a cakewalk

If you are short on time, a low maintenance garden like this can help you out since cacti hardly need any looking after.

Garden for winters

The good thing about a winter garden is that it can be introduced into a social area for a fresh feel. Note how pots of greens have been hung from the gazebo and mounted against the wall to liven up the space.

Hang them!

Pretty flower pots when hung from the ceiling or against the wall can look beautiful indeed. They will brighten up any wall and save on floor area.

Get creative with stones

Take a cue from this very elegant garden featuring stones of different sizes, shapes and colours.

Experiment with water plants

If watering your greens sufficiently is not a problem, you can grow reeds or water lilies or other aquatic plants.

Follow Feng Shui

Add a simple fountain like the one shown here to make your garden serene and compliant with Feng Shui. The bamboos and the white pebbles enhance the Asian look here.

Very Zen!

White pebbles, a few rocks and lush Asian greens make this Zen garden a soothing sight against the rich wooden flooring.

Recycle and reinvent

Don’t underestimate the power of old objects when it comes to beautifying gardens. This vertical garden for instance was actually the headboard of a wood and iron bed!

Think vertically

Don’t leave your garden walls bare. Fix sleek wooden shelves to them and place colourful pots on them for a lively look.   

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