7 modern kitchen countertops you’ll love

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Perfection is the limit, FABRI FABRI Kitchen White
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Feel like doing a tour around the kitchen today? We got you!

This little space in your house is where you create your magic potions, give wings to your imagination, be creative and experimental so as to satisfy your taste buds. The kitchen can come in various forms, models, colors, styles and shapes… but there is one particular trend that is taking over the market at the moment—countertops.

Countertops are very aesthetically pleasing and practical in terms of design. In the following article, we have gathered 7 modern kitchens with countertops you will absolutely love. Ready to choose one for your own cooking space? Keep reading!

1. A form of separation

Martin Luther Straße, Schmidt Holzinger Innenarchitekten Schmidt Holzinger Innenarchitekten Modern Kitchen

The kitchen countertop holds several purposes. One of them is to give the area a nice and clean separation. If your kitchen is in an openly shared space among the dining or living room, why not add a countertop? Not only does it look elegant in style, it allows you to have a clear division between the dining area and kitchen. In the case of this design above, the countertop also holds the function of a shelf!

2. A countertop and table at the same time

Ristrutturazione di un appartamento sul lungomare di San Vincenzo (LI), mc2 architettura mc2 architettura Kitchen

A kitchen countertop can also be used as a dining table, especially when you’re only looking for something quick and simple. For the solos, the kitchen countertop-turned-bar-table is perfect for a light meal or breakfast. Add a few bar stools and you’re set!

3. Super-equipped countertop

Antichità ed esotismo convivono in una villa sulle coste del lago d’Averno , PDV studio di progettazione PDV studio di progettazione Modern Kitchen Cabinets & shelves

A countertop that is also a stove, oven and sink? Why yes! Whatever you’d like to add to your countertop, you can easily find in the market. Head over to our list of kitchen planners to discover the ideal options!

4. A 3-in-1 countertop

Perfection is the limit, FABRI FABRI Kitchen White

A perfect use for countertops is to store things in it. Like the one in the picture, you can see below the plenty drawers that will help you organize your kitchenware. In addition, the surface is also a stove top and dining area. It’s basically a 3-in-1 package!

5. Multifunctional countertop

7 Fotos de Espaços Interiores em Fantástico Showroom em Almancil, Arrumos - dedicated woodworking & carpentry Arrumos - dedicated woodworking & carpentry Modern Kitchen Silver/Gold

Similar to the one we’ve seen previously, this countertop holds multiple functions. If you have a long and wide countertop, utilize its space to the fullest. Again, it has a stove with an exhaust fan located right above it on the ceiling, a clean prep area, and dining space that forms an L-shape. Overall, doesn’t it look high-class and stylish?

6. For small kitchens

Apartamentos Alfama / Lisboa - Apartments in Alfama / Lisbon, Ivo Santos Multimédia Ivo Santos Multimédia Modern Kitchen

Even if you own a small kitchen at home, don’t hesitate in adding a countertop in it. Countertops come in various sizes and types in the market. There will be one that suits your kitchen for sure! In this design here, the narrow countertop is used to separate the kitchen area from the living room, and of course used as a bar-like dining table as well. Regardless of the size of your house, these countertops are a perfect way in giving your place a chic and stylish upgrade.

7. Ultra-modern countertop

Moradia - Gerês , Portugal, MyWay design MyWay design Modern Kitchen

To wrap up, we have this fabulous ultra-modern kitchen countertop you’ll love. This countertop features the colors of modernity—black and white. The countertop and stove top is extended to create a dining space on the side. 

After looking at the 7 kitchen countertops we introduced you to, which one is your favorite?

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