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We've all become so used to the modern condition of wanting to fill our homes with more and more trinkets, bright coors and accessories that look great and serve little function, but we think it might be time to take some pointers from a simpler aesthetic. We've been paying attention to what the more minimally-motivated homeowners out there have been doing and boy oh boy, do they have some tips to bestow! In particular, we are noticing that interior designers from London are really tapping into the minimal home look, but if you need a bit more to go on than just a few pictures, come with us now as we have some top tips for going minimal. And no, it's not enough to just clear all the clutter out of your existing traditional living room, as you'll soon see!

1. Make sure that everything has a function.

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This is seriously key to making sure that your home stays as clear of clutter as possible! By only adding items that serve a function as well as looking great, you can be sure that nothing unnecessary is creeping into your home and you can extend this to your kid's spaces too. Just look at how sweet this elephant wall addition is, while also being a handy towel rail! 

2. Remember that less is always more.

If you're determined to add some flair to your home, try to think big! One large piece of art, for example, will always look more chic and understated than many smaller ones. Minimalism isn't about having nothing in your home, it's more a case of choosing what you do include REALLY carefully.

3. Keep your color scheme muted.

We bet you are hanging onto the misconception that a minimalist home will be all white, right? Well that's not what you need. Instead, think about muted tones that contrast with each other well, but always in a natural sense. Here, we see black, white and natural wood demonstrating what we mean perfectly. Nothing is brash, but the finish is so streamlined!

4. Make your own cleaning products.

If your home is going to be minimal, why not take things to the next level and adopt a more minimal approach across the board? Instead of buying in a wealth of pricey and chemical-filled cleaning products, you ca make your own, as and when you need them, with ingredients in your store cupboard. All you really need is white vinegar, fresh lemons and baking soda. Find out how to use them in this article: Surprising things in your home that need a regular clean.

5. Extend the ethos to your wardrobe.

Hey, if you're going o have a bash at making your own cleaning products, you really need to get serious about minimalism, so why not have a wardrobe cull? If you don't wear it, never liked it or it's beyond repair, get rid of it and only keep things you need. Trust us; you'll love how much easier laundry day gets!

6. Don't negate the warmth.

We know that removing a lot of items from your home can sound scary and as though you'll end up with a stark and unwelcoming space, but if you stick to warmer tones for your walls and textiles, it won't matter how few accessories you have on display. Golds and creams will work particularly well.

7. See sunlight as an ally.

Minimalist design really does play with natural elements, such as sunlight. Instead of cluttering up a home with large light fixtures, we recommend installing light wells and skylights, which will give you the same amount of illumination, but in a more understated and organic way. Just look at this staircase as a prime example!

8. Invest a little more in your necessary items.

So, if you're scaling back on the number of things you have in your home, that doesn't mean that you want to negate on quality, so why not look to make the things that you keep extra special? This will make it clear that you're aiming for minimalism, not 'poverty chic'. Items such as faucets and door handles are a great place to start.

9. Match your storage to your walls.

Finally, we understand that no matter how much you declutter, there will always be some items that need to be stored effectively, which is why color-coded storage is a brilliant investment! Let's say you have bright white walls; adding white shelving will help your storage to blend in and look as understated as possible, while still being useful. 

Are you definitely open to exploring minimalist design in your home?

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