10 amazing cabinet ideas to utilize the corners of the bedroom!

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You do not need the insight of room decorators and interior designers to appreciate the indispensable practicality of cabinets for home spaces like the utility room, bedroom, dressing room and closet. The most popular storage furniture offering sizeable space with coat racks, accessory shelves, hangers and even shoe-racks, cabinets are a must-have for adequate stylish convenience & prim interiors. It follows that such an element is essential for a bedroom where the furniture, furnishings & decor should be such that the space is tastefully optimized, particularly when it is a small room. In such a scenario, innovative cabinets are a real handy tool.

The conventional one-piece and rectilinear designs with a reserved place on the walls do not offer flexibility for limited dimension spaces or a guaranteed fit within contemporary design & tastes. Modern aesthetics & evolving interior design has welcomed novel functional solutions that beautifully take the best advantage of the space of the bedroom, and among the most popular wall cabinets for bedrooms, corner cabinets take the cake with a mind-boggling variety of smart space maximizing options.

The greatest advantage of corner cabinets for bedrooms is that they put into use the hitherto oftentimes disused part of the room- the corner walls! And making storage possible in this angle of 90º is a true feat. This homify story offers you 10 beautiful examples of how useful this new way of organizing cupboards is, in order to have neat, orderly bedrooms loaded with functional allure. Have a look at these cupboard corners & be inspired!

1. Embedded sober elegance in 3D style- appealing harmony with the room design.

2. Meeting the wall at 90º- discreet flair of commodious convenience for roomy spaces.

3. Camouflage for a large wall niche- hexagonal format lends a delicate, youthful vibrancy sans straight lines.

4. Inconspicuous utilitarian blocks- multipurpose finesse of functionality with subtle hints of noble decoration.

5. L-shaped cornered usefulness- adorable details full of versatile charm.

6. Bespoke curvature & sliding style- molded to attic lines with maximal spatial poise.

7. Circular for exhibition—injection of artistic pizzazz into practical detailing.

8. Snazzy usability of single wall- charming store-all cabinetry adapted to wall physiognomy.

9. Wooden wardrobe in L-configuration- simple yet multifarious for customized usage.

10. Any space is good… … the key is to smartly put it into use… look at that tiny corner with the narrow white cabinet!

Which of these is the best fit for your bedroom?

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