6 wonderful ideas to revamp a built-in wardrobe

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Though costlier than conventional cabinets, the built-in wardrobes have many BIG plusses. These cabinets make the most of the available space since the dimensions are only limited by the ceiling, the floor and the walls on both sides. When entirely occupying the space between the walls, these cabinets do not gather much dust and the only thing that needs regular cleaning is the door panels. Built-in wardrobes have the versatility to adapt to different styles- modern, colonial, classic, rustic, etc. and allow for different types of doors- sliding, folding or classic paneled- to be fitted.

However, once installed, the location of the built-in wardrobe is fixed and when you wish to re- decorate the room, the location of the wardrobe needs to be changed as well. Oftentimes, this poses a hindrance to the scope of rejig and this is where homify steps in to help you out!

Today’s homify story offers 6 great ideas to renovate your built-in wardrobe without causing much hassle. When you set out to redo the design of the room, these easy ideas will go a long way in guiding you on how to modernize a built-in wardrobe without seeking pricey professional experts or room decorators. These smart ideas do not require you to go for a major overhaul mandating chaotic inconvenience; adhering to these, you can easily implement your choicest new designer makeover for your spaces AND renovate your old built-in wardrobe in style. A little variation here & some minor changes there and voila! You have successfully managed to reform the built-in wardrobe & give a facelift, and how! Excited to find out? Read on!

1. Employing ​mirrors & glass doors.

Adding mirrors to the door panels of your wardrobe is a clever hack as it reflects light to make the room look much brighter and bigger. Sliding glass doors fitted to the built-in wardrobe, as shown here, also reflect light & give an illusion of a larger space. Such a renovation creates jazzy spaces with lots of character. Smart renovation, eh?

2. Practicality above all.

If you wish to save space in your bedroom, a good idea is to integrate the bed inside the built-in closet. This way you will gain space in the room, thereby optimizing the available space smartly. And you are making the most of the wardrobe space as well!

3. Exploiting the high ceilings.

If your cozy pad has high ceilings, you can be inspired by this example in the photograph. Here, the thoughtful re-design of the built-in wardrobe leaves decent amount of space above to be utilized as a sleeping area. It is a truly excellent way to make the most of the available vertical space AND create an extra relaxing space. Don't you agree?

4. Open to all.

If you have the luxury of a generously large closet, an amazing update would be to give it an open facet- you can remove the doors completely. Add some drawers & shelves, and you have a spacious dressing room in a jiffy. Moreover, when you do away with the doors, you also give your built-in wardrobe a lighter aspect.

Another refurbishment option is to have your dressing room where the built-in wardrobe is located, as shown. Such a design facilitates multiple shelving for convenient reorganization of clothing, shoes & sundry accessories.

5. Curtains!

Given that you are not exactly a fan of totally opening your built-in wardrobe leaving everything in view, you can definitely use curtains. Covering your wardrobe partially, with curtains concealing the parts you do not want to leave in sight, you can also add a soft element of style to your built-in wardrobe. 

Our tip: Go for neutral shades in Scandinavian-style rooms and bold tones for rooms inspired by the Industrial-style of design.

6. Go with the flow…

When refurbishing the room, decorate the doors of your built-in wardrobe in the same style as that of the room in which it is located. In the example here, same aesthetic wallpaper has been put on the upper part of the wardrobe door panels to create chic continuity in the room. What an inexpensive & dapper way of wardrobe renovation!

Which of these are you planning to copy?

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