15 beautiful stairs for modern houses

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For a multi storey house creating a connecting staircase is a must. However, most home owner these days worry about the rather simple structure of these stairs which makes them look boring. But the truth is that there are various designs and elements available which can be used for building a custom looking ladder. In today's ideabook, we are going to introduce you to 15 such beautiful staircase designs which can be incorporated in a modern house. Get inspired by these pictures to transform your place into a fabulous modern residence.

1. Glass railing

You can switch your traditional railings for a glass one as it looks more modern and elegant. It is also lighter than the other options.

2. Floating staircase

If you want your staircase to look sleek then using the floating design is a must. Here the steps are fixed directly into the supporting structure.

3. Creative spiral staircase

Instead of an ordinary spiral staircase you can create a completely natural one similar to the picture.

4. Multipurpose stairs

It is not important that a staircase should serve only one purpose. Here it is also used as a decorative cabinet.

5. With open shelves

In case you do not want a decorative cabinet you can even install open shelves underneath your staircase to utilise the space well.

6. Proper lighting

Proper lighting near the ladder can not only highlight the design but can also make the space look airy.

7. Artistic railing

If you want something more artistic then incorporating abstract designs in the form of a railing is another way to go.

8. Coloured metal bars

For a simpler alternative you can even colour the metal bars of the railing with different shades to make it stand out.

9. Half and half staircase

To create a unique staircase the designer has used a half and half design which includes a wooden as well as metal section.

10. Between glass panels

The staircase featured in this picture has been placed between two glass panels instead of permanent structures like wall.

11. Backlights

Regular backlights can also be used underneath the steps to highlight the design and also the walking surface.

12. Glass staircase

For a completely modern look you can even create a ladder entirely of glass.

13. Wooden slabs

A floating structure can also be created by using wooden slabs instead of concrete once. It is more eco friendly and also easy to maintain.

14. With storage units

Proper storage units like tables and drawers can also be created underneath your ladder. It allows you to use the space to its fullest.

15. Traditional spiral

Here is a traditional spiral staircase with a thick metal pole in the center. It can be modernise instantly by placing lamination sheets on the steps.

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