Small budget, BIG ideas: 10 chic & affordable deco-tips

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Be it Christmas decorations, a fresh spring greeting, family occasions or small adornments here & there that can be added all year round just like that, we simply love to redesign & beautify our home time and again. Don’t we? But every time we do not need professional experts or room decorators to guide us or do the job. Whatever the style of our interior design be- modern, rustic, eclectic, Mediterranean, etc.- numerous tips & tricks are at our disposal to lend a jazzy touch to our spaces.

It is oftentimes the simple & cheap ideas that give oodles of personality to our cozy spaces, whether it is the living room, study area or the bedroom. Something uncomplicated, creative, easy & tasteful goes a long way in decking up the home in an appealing manner that surpasses the pricey options. And this homify article talks about the same.

Read on to find 10 beautiful deco-tips that you can easily copy without spending a lot of money. Be it simplistic and easily do-able decoration elements or creative DIY ideas that you are seeking for your home, you just have to take a good look at these ideas to be inspired.

1. Colorful glass bottles on dining table- lively pop of flair.

2. Travel magazines for coffee table- urbane touch of personality with memories.

3. Kids' drawings hung on the walls- delightful charm of innocence.

4. DIY planters from old jars & cans- versatile bucolic grace.

5. Daily changeable decor with a fresh bouquet of flowers- floral greeting harmonious with the accent colors.

6. Walled with pretty frames- gallery of elegant hints, also mirroring eclectic style.

7. Snuggly pillows & cushions- a variety of cushy formats for comfy allure.

8. Genteel poise of carpets- vibrant varicolored freshness or modishly neutral sophistication, take your pick!

9. The soft glow of warm candle-light- tea-lights, scented candles or exotic wax tarts for an oasis of well-being.

10. Throws & blankets in fetching tones- cuddly companions to inject classic charisma of warm comfort.

How do you add a personal touch to your home decor?

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