6 morning rituals to start your day right

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None of us needs any professional experts to tell us that a grumpy morning mood spoils the rest of the day as well, with the negativity spilling onto our workplace composure & ruining it. For the most of us, the alarm clock is the satanic messenger that jolts us out of the sweet slumber and throws us back into the daily humdrum. And so, more often than not, we wake up grouchy, cursing the humble alarm, reluctantly putting ourselves through the mundane drill yet again. And this is where today’s homify story steps in!

This homify article enlists 6 simple morning rituals that together go a long way in getting rid of the negative feeling & fighting the morning blues to ring in positive vibes and kick-start a brand new day. Join us as we walk through 6 simple yet easy & effective morning practices that hold an assured promise of giving your day a positive start. Here we go!

1. Wake up completely.

Waking up with a start & jumping precipitously down the bed as the alarm sounds is a NO-NO. And so is turning around on the other side & snuggling under the blankets, postponing the time to open the eyes. Allow your body to adjust to the new state of activity- open your eyes, be conscious of the environment, stretch to reactivate the muscles, sit for a couple of minutes and then finally get up. It is also good to establish a routine of yoga/ light exercises to help activate your body for the day ahead. 

2. Let natural light & fresh air pour in.

Remove the window curtains/ shades & open the blinds to let the daylight filter in. You can also open the window a bit to allow fresh air inside. Bright morning light & fresh air rejuvenate the senses and also stimulate the brain positively, ventilating the room as well.  

3. Make your bed.

Making your bed soon after you are up indirectly energizes you as the neat orderly vibes reach your brain to impart a relaxed feeling, also enhancing your productivity. Moreover, a tidy bed makes the room look prim & poised and doubles up as an inexpensive way to pimp up the bedroom, don't you agree? 

4. Pamper yourself.

The time you spend for the morning bathroom routine should be your me time, when the focus is only on YOU. No work worries should be on your mind. Just enjoy the morning shower and let water drops falling on your body refresh you completely. Dedicate this intimate time to simply revel in the palliative pleasure of warm water with the delightful aroma of your choicest bath products.

5. Savor your breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so skipping it is a really bad idea. Another bad idea is to use your breakfast time to run your fingers on the keypad. So, just relish the leisurely morning coffee & delectable goodies while you share a cozy banter with your loved ones on the breakfast table. Remember, your mails, messages and calls can wait.

6. Take a walk.

Once you leave the house to go to work, look around. Take your sweet time to walk some extra steps,  appreciating the greens of your manicured lawn & the fresh floral bloom, soaking in the natural goodness. You can always take the bus at the next stop. After all, walking is a good exercise to shed those extra kilos you gained from all that time-consuming sedentary work. Good idea, no?

Our tip: DO NOT begin to think about work as you wake up; concentrate on your own self, your well-being, and enjoy the morning time rejuvenating your mind & body to start the day in a positive spirit.

Do you also have any inspiring ideas to give a positive start to the day? Share with us in comments!

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