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We have had a great year at homify, sharing some amazing home inspiration & expert guidance with you and receiving your invaluable feedback. The year is about to end and we are back with the top 5 articles dishing out the best of home inspiration, picked by you! From cleaning of the house to furniture placement to decoration, 2017 has seen some truly inspiring home tips being dished out. So today let us take a trip down the memory lane to revisit the 5 most read articles of this year, and be-inspired anew! Shall we?

1. Home Hacks: 19 small things to make your home beautiful

This article hails the power of small things when it comes to making a BIG style statement & make the home beautiful. A thoughtful combination of some small touches & a couple of elements here & there could go a long way in pimping it up without compromising on functionality or comfort, one small touch at a time. From peppy furnishings to indoor plants, aromatic candles, fetching crockery and even vibrant towels, there is an entire host of aesthetic inputs that can transform a house into a snug home. Practical indeed!

2. Life hacks: 10 cleaning mistakes to avoid right now

Copiously adding to your convenience by shedding light onto the 10 cleaning mistakes you might have been making till now, this homify story discusses the annoying inconveniences that your cleaning practices are regularly troubling you with. Addressing errors like not emptying the vacuum cleaner bag, washing windows on a hot day, not cleaning the kitchen sponges, spraying cleaning agents onto delicate surfaces & electrical items, failing to read instructions on cleaning products and sweeping in straight lines, this article is an assured promise to help you get more out of your home for less effort & lesser hassle. Handy, eh? 

3. 10 inspiring furniture placement ideas

While doing up the home, furniture placement is something that has baffled all of us sometime or the other. Right furniture placement does wonders for neat & graceful accents in every space- be it the living room, the bedroom, media room, dining room, study/ office, foyer, hallway or the garden. Smartly thought-out furniture placement is key to aesthetically sound details and hassle-free movement around the house. So, whether it is by the poolside, bedroom window, balcony rails or corridor nook, tasteful furniture placement adds amply to home decoration. Insightful, don't you agree?

4. Gallery of horrors: 24 deplorable decor mistakes!

Home decoration is among the trickiest tasks and it being subjective, one person's visual treat might well be another one's eyesore. However, there are certain tacit rules of home decor that need to be followed religiously, lest you should end up with a garish assortment of disagreeable spaces. This wonderful article deals with one of the key aspects of home decor- crossing the fine line between trendy & catastrophic and falling under the latter. Oftentimes, our tastes & the actually befitting decoration do not coincide, but we still decide to go ahead with our choice of color palette & decoration which results in a disastrous interior decor that makes visitors cringe. Be it the overdose of a single shade, loud fussy details, too much furniture in too many clashing colors, imaginative decor gone overboard, animal skin rugs  or simply designs/ patterns that overwhelm the room they are supposed to bedeck, decor mistakes can horribly dis-balance the overall look of the house and make it an unsightly wreck. This article brings to you 24 of the worst decor mistakes that you should steer clear of, as you embark on a beautification journey for your cozy abode. Really useful!   

5. Life Hack: 10 professional secrets to make your home more modern

Last but not the least, this article offers a practical guide on how to make your house look more modern without incurring a huge expenditure, spending a lot of time or putting in a lot of effort. A contemporary look that carries itself with elegance as well as refreshing novelty is not hard to accomplish. Adding visually sound modern touches to your home, these simple yet cost-effective ways suggested by this article are quite handy in imparting a brand new look to your spaces. Using natural materials & sustainable furniture pieces, ensuring functional necessity of the elements, making use of glass, employing dark hues & lively colors, opting for furnishing restraint where necessary, and integration of spaces are some of the professional hacks endorsed herein. How about trying out a few?

Which one is your favorite?

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