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DIY projects: a pretty bathroom hanger

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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With the holidays coming up, it's always fun to have a go at some DIY projects! Not only will they keep the kids occupied, but you might even find that you mater something to such a degree that you can gift your creations for a more thrifty Christmas! Now that really IS an idea that we can get behind.

Today, we're going to show you how to create a beautiful towel holder, which would look amazing in any sweet and modern bathroom. Honestly, we're so confident that this creation will look good in everyone's bathroom that we are willing to be that interior designers the world over, even as far away as London, start making these for their clients! Let's get creative!

What you'll need.

If you want to recreate this terrific and low-cost accessory that will take your bathroom to a whole new level, you'll need:

- 1 wooden coat-hanger

- Fine grit sandpaper

- A small painbrush

- White paint 

- A wide satin ribbon in the color of your choice

- A fine satin ribbon in a contrasting color

- A color-matching button

- Glue and scissors

Before you do anything, you want to use your sandpaper to give the coat-hanger a super smooth surface. This will help everything you do later to adhere properly.

Painting the hanger.

Now, you need to paint your coat-hanger white, but don't risk spillages! Lay out some newspaper on your table and then get to work. It's always better to apply two thin coats than one thick one, as you'll minimize the risk of runs and drips.It might be an idea to wear old clothes for this!

Get to wrapping.

With your wooden hanger painted and dry, it's time to grab your wider ribbon and wrap the wire hook. We recommend glueing one end of the ribbon in place before you start, as this will give you a firmer starting point. When you're done, simply cut the ribbon at a diagonal angle and glue again. A clothes peg can hold the ribbon place perfectly, while it dries.

Add a little color.

With your hook all wrapped, you can do the same again, with your skinnier, contrasting ribbon. Don't cover the whole hook though, as you want to end up with a candy cane effect.This is what will give you that really beautiful artisan dressmaker aesthetic.

The finishing touch.

The final element is glueing a pretty button onto the front of your hanger, below the ribbon-wrapped hook, just to tie everything in together a little more. If you choose a fabric button, it will look especially pretty and add a really lovely extra feminine touch.

Use your creation!

Once you're done, hang a towel, step back and really admire your handy work! It looks great, no? You could even start thinking about giving your wardrobe hangers a little revamp, if you really enjoyed completing this project!

For more fun DIY ideas, check out this article: How to make a DIY concrete planter.

Are you going to have a go at this pretty towel hanger? How will you make it your own?
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