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Grupo Inventia Living room Bricks White
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This homify story takes us to a Barcelona home which will offer you plenty of valuable home inspiration. Modern concept, mix of styles, practical flair and welcoming warmth- this wonderful home has it all. Spanish restoration & renovation experts from GRUPO INVENTIA have lent their master craftsmanship to create super jazzy spaces replete with engaging modishness. A winsome modern house, this apartment is loaded with great ideas for finishes, space-organization and small details to give ample character to the interior. Sounds exciting? Let us begin the tour!

Dazzling, hearty & fetching.

The color white has latent sophistication aplenty, that spills over onto the spaces adorned by this color. The white accents of this modern kitchen with beige suggestions & plush under-lighting, roomy essence, chic handle-free fronts, modular character and generous touches of wood-plastic composite together impart a pleasingly opulent look to this kitchen.

Originality of wholesomeness.

Moving onto the living room decked up in a Mediterranean style, you can't help being wowed by this original glass-top round dining table sitting in the large open space. Look at those white chairs! Boasting of a restrained decor, this dining area makes the most of the singular appeal of the dining table that generously fills the space with plentiful character sans overwhelming the rest of the room. What an idea to pimp up a space!

Sumptuous communication.

The smart idea of installing sliding glass doors leading from the dining space to the terrace outside appealingly ensures a convenient communication between the interior & the exterior. Natural light floods inside through the glazed surface, brightening up the room further. These sliders save space, avoid crowding in the room and of course, look much more elegant than the classic doors.

Imagine relishing moreish goodies with the loved ones as the warmth from the stylish fireplace & great outside views rejuvenate your senses… ..

Small but sassy.

The small rustic terrace is of a great added value to the apartment, injecting lots of coziness. The humble woody flooring & wicker furnishings in the comfortable open space offer a really sober yet stylishly comfy outdoor lounging experience sans any overtly pricey details or loud embellishments. 

Restfully neutral.

Neutral colors enhance the relaxing essence of this Mediterranean-style bedroom with ample natural light pouring in. The dapper bed with storage, voguish bedside-tables, an uncomplicated design and a warm wooden parquet floor add to the mellow neutral hues to offer a truly graceful stance for total repose. 

Bathroom for two- convenient charm.

This minimalist bathroom for two persons is replete with contemporary convenience & practicality- double sink facility, sufficient space to accommodate stuff for 2 and a spacious bath cabin- in an orderly, aesthetic manner with light hues & neat lighting completing the look. Really priceless!

Optimized to the fullest.

The children's room is one of those rooms where space is never enough. Extractable beds are a great solution to save space in kids' rooms, with added functionality of concealed storage. Wooden parquet is the ideal floor for the children's room, being warm & suitable for playing on the floor. White walls dilate the space & the green accent wall adds a stylish chromatic pop.

Finished to perfection.

The sober finishes lend a posh refinement to this bathroom; the warm tones convey modern sophistication with their heterogeneity. The huge mirror makes the bathroom look much larger, the glossy washbasin counter packs a stylish punch by itself.

Which of these amazing living spaces inspired you to copy?

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