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007 Home Cinema Finite Solutions Modern Media Room
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A residential theatre brings the cinema experience to your very own home. Generally considered an opulent home addition or accessory, these days media rooms are a functional and often necessary domestic leisure space. With the ability to include all manner of audio visual equipment, it is no wonder that more and more dwellings are installing fashionable cinema spaces into their design. Today on homify we are going to take a look at some of the finest examples we have seen. We have selected seven stylish media rooms, from the lavishly outrageous and extravagant, to simple multi-purpose spaces that can be altered to suit different living conditions. 

Check out the examples below, and get a little inspiration for your next domestic makeover, and create a stylish and timeless theatre experience. 

Simple opulence

St Peter's Road, London Nigel Bird Architects Modern Media Room
Nigel Bird Architects

St Peter's Road, London

Nigel Bird Architects

This room is truly the epitome of luxury and casual elegance. Replete with a gigantic movie screen, the space is ready for a marathon of epic proportions. The furniture is comfortable and elegant, while the sophisticated colour scheme infuses a sense of timelessness and style. To emulate this wonderful room from Nigel Bird Architects, simply add a muted colour scheme, sturdy leather furniture, floor cushions, and plenty of thoughtful accessories. 

Contemporary viewing

This space oozes contemporary living with a hint of eclecticism. The television is mounted within a bespoke timber veneer cabinet, and includes state-of-the-art surround sound. Reflective surfaces give a sense of opulence, while the furniture is plush, modern and comfortable. Hidden LED lighting in the ceiling adds to the 'cinema feel' of the space, and stylish accessories give a homely feeling. 

Raised seating

If you have the luxury of creating a cinema room from scratch, consider installing raised seating. Forget about people complaining they cannot see the screen, and instead ensure each seat has a perfect view of the colossal projector screen. The seating here is ultra-plush, and works wonderfully to create that truly unique cinema experience. 

Simple and multi-purpose

Property Renovation and Extension, Clapham SW11 TOTUS Modern Media Room

Property Renovation and Extension, Clapham SW11


Within this room, the cinema screen employs a blank wall. The subtle nature of the projector without a screen means the room can be utilised for other purposes when not watching films. A media room is an extravagant luxury, and often one you won't be using all of the time. Think about incorporating a modular sofa that doubles as a bed, and you will have a spare room for when friends come to stay. 

Homely and timeless

Refurbishment project West Sussex At No 19 Media room
At No 19

Refurbishment project West Sussex

At No 19

This room is warm, inviting, and a great example of a media room for the whole family. With enough seating to accommodate friends as well as family, this space is a great example of a stylish and age-defiant design. As well as working as a sophisticated cinema space, the seating is configured in a way that would allow it to be used for other purposes such as entertaining, socialising, or having drinks with friends . 

Minimalist sophistication

Large projector screen Finite Solutions Modern Media Room
Finite Solutions

Large projector screen

Finite Solutions

When watching a film you rarely need distractions in the surrounding area or room. To focus entirely on the screen and the movie that is playing, a simple minimalist interior design can create a stylish space. This room boasts a curved sofa, tufted ottoman, and sleek coffee table. As well as hidden LED lighting within the wall space, the movie screen is large and opulent. A wonderful example of a stylishly minimal media room. 

The cinema experience

To create a cinema in your own home, simply take some cues from this brilliant and outrageously extravagant interior design. Looking like an actual cinema you might pay to visit, this space has raised seating, a huge widescreen, star illumination for the ceiling, and soundproofed walls. A perfectly authentic experience awaits with this stylish and opulent space. 

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