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Close to nature: 17 rustic houses in the countryside

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Germano de Castro Pinheiro, Lda Rustic style house Stone Wood effect
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If you dream of living among nature someday, we might have you covered. In this article, we will take you on a tour to the countryside. Come with us and explore 17 beautiful rustic single-houses, apartments and cabins!

If you wish to know more about each house, don't hesitate and click on the pictures for more details!

1. Friendly contrast among nature

homify Modern Houses

Constructed of light timber, this rustic wooden house is a beautiful contrast to its surrounding trees and bushes. The large glass window on the upper floor allows plenty of natural light to penetrate through too, ensuring a bright and cozy ambience inside.

2. House in the middle of the forest

Naturi Country house

This cabin is a perfect retreat for the stressed urbanites. Surrounded by wildlife and nature, this vacation home is made for those who wish to take a break and relax. It’s time to get away from the city and spend your weekends or holidays here!

3. Rustic house for big families

When you think of the word rustic, you probably would picture a cozy family house where generations of the family, from grandparents to babies, live and spend their days together. This stone-built house is exactly how you imagine it to be. With multiple windows, rooms and a large dining table, this is the ideal place for big families!

4. House of your dreams

This bungalow looks simple yet beautiful. Its clean and bright exterior, together with its large garden in the front certainly ensure a friendly and peaceful atmosphere by the greenery.

5. Modern meets old

homify Modern Houses

When modern meets old, this is what you get. Built with traditional materials of stones and rocks, this complex is shaped in a contemporary form that follows a modern architectural design.

6. Rustic house with a pool

Any property that comes with a pool definitely creates a WOW-effect. In southern climates and hot temperatures especially, it is common to find outdoor pools in each residences. How does this one look?

7. Beautiful porch with stunning view

If you plan to live in a house that is seated right in the middle of the scenic nature, you should totally consider building a nice porch that looks out to its surrounding landscape.

8. House that focuses on sustainability and ecological standards

RUSTICASA Wooden houses Solid Wood Wood effect

As opposed to conventional buildings you often see, the advantage of this timber house is that it is constructed entirely with renewable raw materials from nature. If you are a pro-green person, make sure you find out whether the wood used comes from a sustainable forest before building the house.

9. House with a modern twist

The amazing design once again shows you that country-style houses can be perfectly combined with elements of modern architecture. The clean lines formed by the bricks follow a minimalist pattern and provide a harmonious look among the rural environment.

10. Traditional rustic house

This wooden house has adopted ethnic characteristics into its design, which forms a nice balance between traditional and modern elements. The surrounding terrace is made of concrete where you can place chairs, loungers or even a hammock!

11. Small but nice: cottage by the countryside

This small, rustic cottage is well-blended with its peaceful and calm environment. Its fairly old exterior creates a romantic and cozy ambience, which is perfect for couples who wish to come for a short retreat.

12. Cabin with great views

Partly supported by wooden beams, this vacation home is made of wood and has also integrated large windows that look out to the amazing scenery. This compacted and enclosed cabin allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature under either good or bad weather.

13. Rustic house with modern designs

By first glance, it is difficult to tell if this is a old-school vintage home or a modern complex. This house perfectly combines traditional materials with contemporary forms. It allows you to enjoy the best of modern classic!

14. Beautiful design in stone and wood

We often associate rustic styles with stone and wooden materials. And this is exactly what this house is—made of the two components mentioned. The stone facade, windows, wooden door and beams produce a unique aura of elegance. The vibrant pink flowers also add a splash of color to the overall design.

15. Spacious house in the countryside

These stone houses are inspired by Southern France. They’re simple and minimalist, yet carry an incredibly harmonious style.

16. Pure outlook

The modern bay windows integrated in this stone house fit wonderfully with the surrounding environment. The window looks out to the scenery, which is why you can also see seats being placed right in front of it. This is a perfect example on why you should hire professionals, as they know and pay attention to every little details you might not even notice.

17. Country house with a long history

Old buildings like this have a story each to tell. Though it still looks strong and composed, the venerable age can be noticed and is respected.

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