7 ways to make your kids' room look twice as big

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Parents seem to always think that their kids’ rooms are small and lacking. They tend to compare the composition of the room to their own. But even though children are a lot more petite, which means less or smaller furniture, clothes and accessories are needed, you can never underestimate the imagination of kids. They basically live in another world of their own.

Many parents wish to give their children the best. Creating an outstanding room for them is one way. However, sometimes reality just doesn’t match with your expectations. If you cannot make structural changes to the room, the best alternative is to utilize interior decorations to make it look more spacious and stylish.

In this article, we will introduce you 7 ways to decorate your kids’ room to make it look more spacious even without any constructions. Shall we begin?

1. Separate the room using dividers

homify Modern Kid's Room

Room dividers are screens or furnitures used to divide the room into separate areas. They are often used to increase the sense of openness and independence. These partitions are especially useful in the kids room as it is often a place for playing, learning and sleeping. See-through materials are particularly even better as they create the illusion that the room is bigger.

2. A simple bunk bed

Bunk beds are a smart way to increase the room’s area-of-use. It is perfect for kids rooms as it allows you to expand the area twice as big without structurally changing the floor plan. The bed, play area and study space are all configured according to its respective needs and preferences. To utilize space even more efficiently, each staircase also acts as additional storage!

3. Minimalist furnitures

When children grow up into teenagers, that’s when they start being more picky about the furnitures and interior of their room. In this case, we recommend you to decorate your child’s room with minimalist designs, while still paying attention to maximizing storage space. Once your children grow out of their infant cycle, they should be satisfied with how clean and simple their room remains. That way, they can easily decorate their own room to their taste starting from scratch. It’s a dream every teen has!

4. A three-dimensional design

The color scheme here gives the room a three-dimensional illusion and sense of openness. Architects have created a white interior with contrasts of orange to provide more dimension and layer to the kids room. The cupboards are also integrated onto the walls vertically to give it more space.

5. Multi-functional furnitures to utilize space more efficiently

homify Nursery/kid’s room

Multi-functional furnitures kill two birds with one stone. Both a bench and a drawer, this design is perfect for the kids room. The storage spaces are also low enough and easily reachable by children. It is a kids-friendly must-have item!

6. Minimize the use of furnitures

If your child is still an infant and too young to need a particular study space, minimizing the use of furnitures is probably the best way to create space. The elevated platform can also be used as seats. We recommend you to decorate the walls with cartoon paintings and distinct colors that your children will love. However, don’t over do it as it might hinder proper light distribution within the room!

7. A shelf above eye-level

If it’s too much work to install a bunk bed, there is a simpler alternative. Using the similar concept of vertical expansion, you can build a shelf on the margin of the wall, and decorate it with cute figurines and toys. Books, photo frames and plants are good too! Just be aware of the color and size of the items you’re putting there. Prevent it from looking too messy and intimidating!

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