Mezzanines: everything you need to know

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What is a mezzanine? Ask any professional architect and they'll tell you that it's a floating extra floor, added to the interior of your home to give you access to a valuable extra room. Essentially, you can have two spaces in one room, just on separate levels and that is exactly why studio homes put them to the best use! Mezzanine architecture is generally very simple and fairly open, so that you can appreciate the addition but there are some considerations to take into account.

Let's say that you have a studio apartment and you're looking to create a new and beautiful modern bedroom. You are going to have to think carefully about the minimum height for a mezzanine, so that your main living space isn't shrunk to an uncomfortable size, just in a bid to have a separate sleeping area. We need to see some pictures to really explain about mezzanines, so let's get to our selection!

They can serve a number of functions.

Don't go assuming that mezzanines are only for bedrooms, as you can use your extra floor for anything you want! Not only that; the structure itself can have a function too, while looking architecturally beautiful and striking. Look at how the build here has given the owners a desk and an enclosed, very dramatic minimalist kitchen!

The most perfect bedrooms.

Incorporating a mezzanine in architecture isn't as tough as you might think, if you stick to the overarching style of your home structures. Try to go too off piste and the mezzanine will stick out like a sore thumb, rather than integrating and offering a cohesive bonus space.

Space for an office!

Check out this small but wonderfully effective office mezzanine! Suspended above the bed, it is adding so much handy space to a dead area that otherwise would have simply gone to waste. By adding a simple and removable ladder, there is little in the way of bulky or ostensibly eye-catching additional features.

They increase your potential for storage.

The higher up you can build something, the more potential for storage underneath, which is why mezzanines are so great in small homes! Imagine raising your bed up on a mezzanine level and then simply building a huge cupboard underneath, to contain all your clothes. You really could have a dreamy minimalist home, even in a tiny space.

They can work over a doorway!

Isn't this design innovative and amazing? Using that limbo-esque space above the front door, has created a hidden and private sleeping zone that is easily accessed via a super small and wall-hugging staircase. We love that the structural supports have been turned into bookshelves too. What a way to get maximum bang for a mezzanine buck!

Glass will blur the lines.

If you want to make your mezzanine as stealthy as possible, you should definitely think about using glass safety rails, as they just disappear! A solid mezzanine wall can divide an already small room a little too much but glass works beautifully and maintains such an open-plan and homey vibe.

They really are extra rooms.

Are you wondering if mezzanines really feel like a proper room or just a strange little upper level? Well, they really are entire extra rooms. With semi-walls, good proportions and enough space for all the furniture you need to store up there, you really can't doubt how amazing these bonus spaces are.

To see some staircases that would work perfectly with  mezzanine floor, check out this article: 15 staircase designs perfect for small homes.

Are you thinking about adding a mezzanine to your home now?

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