How do I choose chairs to go with my dining table?

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In order to create a beautiful dining room, you really need to consider every facet of your furniture choices properly and by that, we mean that your chairs are JUST as important as your table. We know you're raising an eyebrow in disbelief right now, but trust us, any inspired interior designer will confirm that we're right and encourage you to take some serious issues into account when you choose your seats. We want to help make the process as smooth and easy to manage as possible, so have put together a list of questions that you need to answer before you plump for a style of dining chair, so let's get to them!

1. How many people need to be seated?

If you've taken the time to create a classically elegant dining room, the last thing you want to do is drown all the style out with too many chairs! A good rule of thumb is to think about how many people will be eating at the table every day and add another two chairs, for potential guests.

2. What table shape do you have?

The style of table you have selected will directly impact on which chairs will work. For example, you'll often find that circular tables can accommodate far wider seats and even high backs will work well, wheres more angular designs often require compact chairs, as they'll have legs to contend with.

3. What room is your table in?

The space that your dining table inhabits should have a natural impact on the chairs you choose. For example, if you have a tall table in a contemporary kitchen area, you might prefer some tall bar stools, to give a breakfast bar look. Whereas, if your table is in an open-plan room, you'll want chairs that align with your sofa choice and other decorative touches!

4. Do you have any other dining spaces?

If you have one formal and one casual dining space, you can really go to town with different chair designs for both. A casual spot will do best with sociable, comfy seating that naturally leads to conversation, whereas a formal setting is where you can play around with luxury fabrics. If you only have one dining room, you're going to need to combine all of these elements in one set of chairs, if possible!

5. How comfortable do you want them to be?

You have GOT to think about who will be sitting on these chairs! Everybody has a different shape, so you can't simply choose a set of slim stools that will work for you and ignore potentially larger members of the family! Ergonomic seating is a great idea, so you might be interested to take a look at molded plastic, as seen here!

6. Does it all have to match?

Finally, how stringent are you about having a perfectly matching set of chairs? Maybe it would work a little better to give the kids a bench seat to enjoy, while you and the other adults all have proper chairs? Or maybe you all want a personalised vintage chair that you've painted yourself? Either way, get out of the mindset that each chair has to be exactly the same. 

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Are you a little closer to knowing what style of dining chairs you'd like?

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